Chris K (11 Dec 2010)
"Re; Tina Abrams"

Tina and the Dove,
  So yes Tina, there were TWO moons in the sky in my vision(side by side) the one on the left was crescent and the one on the right was full. Both were about the same overall circumference and both seemed like "the moon". They were about 45 or 50 degrees from the horizon. I kind of liked Frank Molvers dove letter response of Dec. 7th, his take on the vision counter pointed Islam(crescent moon) next to the Church(full moon) and is as accurate a spiritual picture of these last days persecution as we probably will see.
  Just prior to the 9/11 events the Lord led me to read a book concerning the dangers inherent in Islam towards the last days Church...I knew nothing about Muhammad and the death cult known as Islam(of course, anything outside the worship of the one true God, Yahweh and His son Yeshuah, is a covenant with death). The audacity to call a person who commits suicide and murders innocent people "a martyr", is the most wretched misuse of the term meant for the blessed and submissive Saints of God. But, I see things unfolding in world history in a way that makes Frank' depiction of the vision as accurate as any I've come up with. Thank you, my beloved Doves , for this place where the long ago visions of a wayfaring man like myself, can be deciphered in a way that makes sense to me and the Church.
  It is so true, Tina, what you say about God using the sorrow of past experience for the edification of the saints, not that we should get any joy out of suffering, but, the refining nature of those experiences will make in us patience, which Peter says(and I believe him)is more precious than gold. I am learning patience, the hard way. Like all of us. To enter into the fellowship of Christ' suffering, is the most difficult prayer and act that we believe for. We don't have the strength to walk into it willingly, only God can make it happen for us, but, we must at least be willing and pray for it.
  I was real interested in your words about, well, to quote "intensity, drawing those pictures for those 66 day's was somehow in the spirit world, going back through time ...through the present- to The future or the end of Revelation"  wow, that's pretty heady stuff, but, you know, not that far off from what the Lord was showing me about the spirit realm those two months in California...a lot of the beauty, prosperity and fruitfulness of California has, I believe, supernatural origins, and not good ones. For instance, I saw fruit trees that bore every stage of ripened fruit on the same tree. From flower to half-ripened to fully matured fruit, all on the same tree and branch. Now, I know that sounds marvelous and miraculous, to be sure. However, my spirit was screaming at me the whole time not to be enamored of what I saw because the Lord was showing me something profound about demonic spiritual powers and the lying signs that are part of these last days. The fruitfulness is false, just like their economy and the whole Hollywood thing is a sort of picture of the spiritual nature of the place in general...the movie industry and the prosperity that comes out of it. The image they portray of that environ and industry versus the reality of the place, could not be farther away  from each other. Their apparent prosperity and whole economy is a sort of Ponzi scheme, which is now beginning to come to a head, exactly as the entire USA is, also. My last ten days were spent in the San Francisco area. It smelled beautiful everywhere there, the people all seemed nice and cooperative to one another. Much prosperity and the marijuana culture is profoundly prevalent, everywhere. But, the spiritual nature of the place has its roots in blood sacrifice, don't ask me how I know this, except that the Holy Spirit of God Himself revealed it to me. Through my drawings and in the teachings He led me to, were concurrent with my journey through time and place on the west coast!
  I could go on endlessly about the wicked nature of the time/place I got to experience, but, not here, not now. I will say this...find and study pastor Douglas Riggs, information on satanic ritual abuse and dissociative identity disorder and it will lead you to a greater understanding of the battle we wage against these dark forces that seem to control this world system and many of the people in it, its dark and frightening, but, we are the bearers of the light and must wage the battle(in the spirit realm) on behalf of our Lord here on earth. Through Faith and Prayer we wage the battle. Be not afraid children, for our redeemer draws near! For the victory has already been declared and it is this, even our FAITH! Maintain your faith, at all costs. Its the ONLY thing that Christ commended people for.
  Tina, you asked me if I thought my seizure event was some sort of demonic attack and the answer is definitely! I had opened myself up on many different levels. Although, having Divine protection from the time I was a very young child, I know there are periods in which I opened myself up, through sin and stupidity, to demonic assault. Approximately one year prior to the event, I had met(at a simple barbecue/dinner party), four practicing wiccan witches that admitted to me that they were a coven. I worked for one of women' husband on a honey farm for the following year and after returning from California walked into a room where they were(not doing much out of the ordinary that I could see). However, a couple of days later was my blackout and subsequent dreams concerning the lunar eclipse and being shot in the back. I'm not saying they were somehow responsible for the demonic assault, just that it was all coming to a climactic head, I believe, designed by God to really get my attention as to the connectedness(even my own connection) of everything I had been seeing, experiencing and studying via the teachings of pastor Riggs and pastor Dizdar. Mainly to bring me to an understanding of the demonic influences and actual involvement of some people, to a degree I had never wanted to know about before.
  Most of us who are trying to live our lives in the Light of God' WORD shun these topics and often disbelieve such practices as human sacrifice and satanic ritual abuse even exist. Well, they do and are a large part of the supernatural powers control over the physical world. I know I certainly did not want to search out these topics of my own accord and would rather have remained ignorant of the utter depravity that has become normal to many that search out personal power through these dark forces. Everyone that is unsaved partakes of these practices to some degree or another, often in the most ignorant and innocent fashion, yet, "the whole world is in the lap of the evil one!"
  There are some of us in "the Kingdom of God" that get to travel the back roads of this dying worlds desperate byways. Our Lord Jesus Himself saw it with His own eyes. I am no stranger to the dark, hence, I am able to paint a picture of that darkness with way too much clarity, and yet still, through a glass darkly(sorry for the bad use of that scripture quote).
  I love and seek the light of God through submission to Christ, through Humility and brokenness, through suffering and tears, involuntary solitude, poverty and most of all FAITH. Faith in the Son of God and the character and authority that He has given every one of us to bring to maturity through tribulation. If we accept it in our day to day walk, we will not have to enter in to the final, horrific moment that is just about to transpire. The trap set for those that do not love the Truth.
  One of those drawings, while in San Fran., came to me that it was named "the Birth of San Francisco"...the image was that of a triple masted vessel just having capsized and many men sinking to there deaths in the depths of the sea. The precise significance is for me elusive. But, one thing I do know. That the power and prosperity of this world often comes at the cost of the blood of many innocent people, even the true Martyr' of God.

  Well, here it is, 8;30 AM the 8th of December and I'm still here....oh well, more work to do for the Kingdom. Even if it just means sitting on your thumb's and waiting, praying and feasting on the WORD of God...... that's far more productive than the alternative.

much love, my brothers and sisters,  Chris K.

Tina, I found the video you suggested and it was most beautiful. She has a very strange calm about her, but, the song itself is most amazing. It has been used and reused in many context' (I remember it from an animated movie once). Thank you so much for your interest in my vision and few who take these things seriously. Most of my immediate friends have taken to rolling their eyes at just the mention of one of my dreams, but, the Lord Himself has confirmed the vision He has planted in my heart. And that vision is this....He has already resurrected His body and there is only one thing that stands between us and the vision, our faith!
                                                                                  much love, your brother, Chris

P.S...and yes, I am as you say 50's, long hair, bearded, but, way too anglo looking to be mistaken for Jesus in the visual sense.