Bill B (11 Dec 2010)
"April A. - The Most Important Thing To Know About Salvation!!"

John -
Like many here, I consider myself a "lurker"...  I've come to the Doves site now daily for the past several months.  Reading the letters from all of the Sisters and Brothers here is not only a blessing to me personally, but I believe a privilege as well. I feel compelled to respond to "April A." and her recent post: "The Most Important Thing To Know About Salvation".  Before doing so however, I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who contributes to these daily writings, as they have helped me fill my lamp.  Thank you too John for your tireless administration and oversight of the 5 Doves.  You are a blessing to all of us!!
Bill B.
Welcome to the Doves, Bill!
Thank you for this post!!  I believe I speak for many here in acknowledging that your letter opened my eyes to an aspect of Scripture that I have never realized before.  The Lord saved me 22 years ago when I was 28 years old.  Like many who are newly converted, I thrust myself into Bible study, quiet time, church work, personal ministry, etc... but realize now that I have missed daily promptings from the Holy Spirit which, had I listened to and obeyed, would have resulted in a much deeper faith today. 
What's interesting about the timing of your post, and my reading it, is that the Lord has had me in a deep trial of unemployment for just under 20 months now.  During this time, I have clung daily to the Lord, and He has shown me much in the area of daily obedience to His voice.  I have attempted to right wrongs and have wrestled with painful issues/sins at His feet during this time without really understanding the "sanctification" aspect itself.  I'm not saying I've never heard of sanctification before, but rather, I have always felt that sanctification is something that just happens (not sure how) throughout our walk, and when we get to the end of our walk "poof" we're sanctified.  Of course, it's moment by moment, day by day, year by year - of course!!  It truly comes together for me now.  Which also sheds light on being able to glorify God no matter where you are, or what circumstance you're in.  Of course!!
Interesting too, is a month or two ago, I followed a link from a posting of a Dove letter, and came across a 100+ page document titled "The Evil Army".  I'm not sure who authored this, but it deals with a Christian's visionary depiction of our daily struggle against evil, coupled with our access to the Lord and His will and desires for our lives as His children; which of course we have access to, but only to the degree we choose to.  Anyway, towards the end of this story the main character enters into the presence of the Lord at His Mercy seat, within the throne room of God.  As he enters, he first travels through "outer darkness" and speaks with individuals there who lost everything except their salvation.  I have to admit, this freaked me out a bit, and I struggled with it for days, but also admit, that it did shed light onto the outer darkness aspect of Scripture, which I always felt was h.e. double tooth picks. After this, I began looking at "why" I did things for the Lord differently, and felt I took a step of understanding at that point.
Now fast forward to your posting...  After reading it last evening, I read it a second time this morning.  It's like I walked into a room and snapped on a light for the first time.  I now see and realize the dozens of opportunities to live in the Spirit each day, and the choices we are faced with, and how our choices make up the long slow process of sanctification in each of our lives - or not. Thank you again for your well written post April.  I believe you played a role in my sanctification journey, and I'm eternally grateful for it!  I'm certainly not the one who will be in charge of handing out the gold, silver, or precious stones in eternity, but, I would guess that your post, at least for me, has secured you at least one precious stone.  You can show it to me someday soon...
Bill B.