BG Ellis (22 Dec 2010)
"The Obvious Rapture Date?"


John and Doves,

   The Holy Spirit has been prompting me to get this out for your consideration and a copy of my documentation.  I have noticed that web sites that have had free access just 2 weeks ago have now become password protected. December 21, 2010 was a major sign from The Lord with the solar eclipse occurring on the Winter Solstice.  You have to go back over 500 years to find a similar conjunction.  (SEE VIDEO)   Several points I want to bring up:


1.   With every fleece that have been put out by us Doves as to what year The Rapture will take place, there has been one consistent answer from The Lord and that is: The Rapture will take place in 2010.

2.   One Dove wrote in that The Lord told her that, as we get closer to the date of The Rapture, that the date becomes obvious.

3.    I believe that the 11:11 phenomena is from The Lord and many Doves have experienced this when they look at a digital clock seeing the number 11:11.  Personally, over the last 3 years, I must have seen this over 1,000 times.  Personally, I believe that this is the date of the rapture.

4.   When you add a 10-day delay to December 21, 2010, you come to January 1, 2011 or 1/1/11 or 11:11.  This configuration comes up ONCE every 100 years!  WOW, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?   However, it gets even better!  When you add a 21-day delay (SEE THIS) you come up with 1/11/11.  Since we believe that The Rapture is going to take place in 2010, lets talk about News Years Eve, 2010.  What time do we celebrate the coming of the New Year?  Midnight, and what time did Jesus say He would return for His Bride?  Midnight again, for we read in Matthew 25: 6 – “At midnight they were roused by the shout, ‘Look the bridegroom is coming!  Come out and meet Him!’  This day (in my opinion) is the perfect time for The Rapture, no one would expect it, and however everyone would be looking for midnight and the passing of The New Year.  Also, New Years day would be the perfect time for (SUDDEN DESTRUCTION) a surprise attack on our naval fleet using some of China’s Sunburn missiles (SEE THIS) and articles below.


Doves, He is coming!

Get Ready to meet your Bridegroom!


I look forward to meeting each one of you in Heaven!


B. G. Ellis


PS, John, thank you for keeping this site up!  I cannot wait to meet you in Heaven!  You will never know until we get to Heaven the number of souls that have been saved through this site!  God Bless!


Here is the background information on the upcoming Rapture Dates, ENJOY:



The meaning of 1111 – January 1st 2011

Rudy Wallace (2 Dec 2010)
"To Deborah"




Many of us were focusing on November 11th for all of the 1111s we have been seeing.  But perhaps we were a bit pre-mature.  Perhaps the 1111 mystery will be revealed on January 01, 2011.  1 (MONTH) 1 (DAY) 11 (FOR THE YEAR 2011)  1111   


Camars (6 Dec 2010)
"January 1, 2011"

 I don't know if there have been posts about the date of  New Year's or not but this year its 1/1/11.   The number of judgment so many of us have frequently seen.  1111.


ML (21 Dec 2010)
"Ten Days - Lunar Eclipse - a Warning & Calvin's post ."


To  the Doves,



 I think Jean Stepnoski might be on to something with respect to the "Ten Days" mentioned in Revelation 2:10. and where it fits in the sequence of events. Thankyou Jean for your post on Dec. 11th, it blessed me greatly as do all of your posts.

 I would also like to share some more of the 'pieces' of the Rapture puzzle the Lord began to unfold to me from 2006 onwards. 
I have shared with some previously how on August 24th 2007, the Lord actually highlighted this verse for me by speaking it to me .. "Ye shall have tribulation ten days.." I then went to look it up in the Letters to the 7 Churches . It is a part of the Rapture puzzle and also"fits' with the " seven stars" semeion and the menorah 'signs' He showed me which represent the Risen Lord in the midst of His Church.
Jean's timeline may be correct, but I have been looking at a "ten day" period from the December 21st Total Lunar eclipse, (blood moon) landing on the 30/31st of December. This would fit with Joel 2:31 "the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood  BEFORE the great and terrible day of the Lord come." We already had two Solar eclipses this year.. An annular eclipse on Jan 15th &  the Total Solar eclipse on 1 AV ( July 11th) which was also the 3rd of 3 consecutive solar eclipses on 1 AV.

The sequence  Jean suggests  from the Scriptures in Revelation 2 & 3 still fits with my suggested timeline because it follows after Hannukah  BUT it also takes into account the Lunar eclipse in a week's time.


Also, on November 21st, 2010, I was woken up early morning with the voice of the LORD, saying, "Shall not I rise up to judge the Inhabitants of the earth?" I sat on the edge of my bed trembling with awe at the presence and sound of the voice posing this question. Truly, I believe He was saying that IT IS TIME!

Previously, in relation to another timeline regarding the rise of the A/C, the Lord had highlighted a 30 day interval, which has stayed with me, and so noting the 30 day interval between this 'warning' and the Total Lunar Eclipse on Dec 21st, I wondered again about this "TEN DAYS", which is one remaining piece of the puzzle I have not resolved of all the signs and specific dates the Lord has shown me in the last 4 years. My thought is that the Lunar Eclipse must come before the beginning of the 70th week, and likewise also before the Rapture. 

 Back in August 2007, just a few days after the "Ye shall have tribulation 10 days" statement, there was another Total Lunar Eclipse on August 28th, which I observed. 

I decided to count the time between that eclipse and this one .

FROM:August 28th, 2007, TO: December 21st, 2010, it is 1212 days, or 3 years,3months & 24 days.  This is just one week short of 40 months.

Then, because I have an interest in the STRONGS #s patterns I looked at the word H1212: Betsalel =Bezaleel which means, "in the shadow (ie. protection) of God" ,the name of a man who was one of the architects of the Tabernacle..

 One other VERY INTERESTING point about this word is its gematria is 153! A number most here are familiar with.

The Greek word G1212: delos= clear, bewray, certain,manifest. ( Could the Lord be saying something to us in these things?)


After, checking all these things out, I was on RITA and saw Calvins' post on Dec 14th, which I read a couple of days later, and I was stunned, blessed, amazed, by his title : "RISE UP, JUDGE OF THE EARTH; 2010, VENUS, AND THE 12/21 ECLIPSE!" These words from Psalm 94:2 carrying the same awesome message as the words spoken to me on November 21st.  Thankyou Calvin! Words fail me to describe the sense of awe that I've had since I heard these words, and the title of Calvin's post sent shivers through me as it was a resounding repetition of what I heard 30 days ago.



I wait with all of you for the Blessed Day which is so close,dear Doves. Let us lift up our heads and hearts to watch to the very moment when we see our great Redeemer face to face.

Praise ye the LORD.. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.PSALM 112:1.




FJ (21 Dec 2010)
"21 December 2010 + 10 days"

Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”
(Revelation 2:10)

Is this passage referring to the present/future times of something that has already taken place?

Recently the appearance of 111 and 1111 has intensified, only within the last couple of days. Then I was meditating on this and it occurred to me that Dec 21 + 10 days is Jan 1, 11 or in other words 1111
or 1121 if you use the 4 digits for the year. To me this could explain why we are seeing both 111's and the 21's.

It seems like if Tribulation were to start with a sudden destruction and we have to be here 10 days to suffer it before the rapture than it fits.

Any thoughts?






Christmas Rapture Dove letters!

Elliot Hong (15 Dec 2010)
"A Connection of Hanukkah and Christmas"

Dear Doves:
Although I'll watch for Dec.17 and 21 very closely, thoughts came up today that Christmas could
be another possibility.
Here are my thoughts.
1) Jean Stepnoski wrote in her letter "Tevet 10" that from Hanukkah day 8 there are then 8 days
    to Tevet 10.  This is a double 8.  F..M.Riley believes that the Noah family was warned 8 days
    in advance, rather than 7.
    I wrote back "Adding 8 of the Noah family who were saved from the flood, it makes a triple 8."
    Now, instead of adding 8 of the Noah family, what if simply adds 8 more days from Tevet 10 ?
    Then it'll be Tevet 18, Dec.25/26, Christmas, and a triple 8 from the beginning of Hanukkah.
    And here is what I wrote in my previous letter.
    <Kelly received a vision of 888 and heard a voice speaking said, "FIND THE RELATIONSHIP OF
      THE THREE EIGHTS."  And she wrote that on the EIGHTH day after Yeshua's birth, he was
      presented in the temple and Greek Gematria for JESUS is 888, and quoted "The number
      EIGHT proves once again to be the golden Key that unlocks the secret of God."
      8 represents New Birth, New Beginning and Eternity.>
2) We all know that 280 days(40 weeks) from the 8.8 Concepcion(Conception) Chile earthquake
    was Dec.3/4
    However, the period of human gestation could be stretched to the maximum 42 weeks, then
    it'll be Dec.17/18(Tevet 10) from the Concepcion earthquake.
    It makes sense, since 42 represents Advent and was the number of dead during the Hanukkah
    fire in Israel.
    So, let's suppose Dec.17/18(Tevet 10) is the birthday of a man child of Revelation 12, and just
    like Jesus was presented in the temple after 8 days of the birth, a man child should be presented
    in the temple after 8 days from Dec.17/18(Tevet 10), and it comes to Dec.25/26, Christmas.
    But ever since the Ruach Elohim came, Saints are the temple, thus Saints(Overcomers) themselves
    will be presented(dedicated) to G-d which is the Rapture.
    And since Hanukkah is a feast of Dedication, it makes a perfect connection between Hanukkah and
    Another interesting point is that not only from Hanukkah to Christmas is 8+8+8, but also from the
    8.8 Concepcion earthquake to Christmas (42 weeks + 8 days) makes a triple 8.
    Is this why the Lord told Kelly ""FIND THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE THREE EIGHTS?"
3) I remember someone received that it'll be a gentile holiday and some others received through
    dreams and visions that it'll be Christmas.
   I know that Christmas is not the real birthday of our Lord and in fact originated from paganism, but
   according to the documentary film "The Star of Bethlehem," Dec.25, 2BC was the day that Jupiter,
   the King Star stopped over Bethlehem and the three wise men worshipped Jesus as the King of kings.
   So Dec.25 may not the birthday of Yeshuah, yet it is the meaningful gentile holiday after all.
If indeed Christmas is the Day, I'm certain that there will be a definite warning sign 10, 7, or 3 days
before Dec.25/26, and I'll watch for Dec.17 and 21 very closely too.
Anyway, for many cases of Fleece were confirmed, I'm positive that our Blessed Hope will be a reality
until this Christmas.
See you soon !


Tony Ellsworth (15 Dec 2010)
"December 21st - 25th 2010"

This date is the 42nd anniversary of the launch of Apollo 8.  Apollo 8 on December 24th orbited the moon for the first time in man's history.  Faithfully, it chose to acknowledge our Heavenly Father and His creation by reading Genesis 1:1-10.  The next day they were sued by an aethiest and by the time Apollo 9-11 happened (the 1st 9-11 U.S. tragedy) it was declared " giant leap for mankind."
December 21st is the solistice, which is the darkest day of the year.  Death.  Three days later is Christmas Eve and is the day we acknowledge "Immanuel."
This year is a full lunar eclipse over North America.
The generations from Abraham to Jesus were 42, and also it was 42 years that Saul reigned before David.
Two years ago I had sincerely hoped for the Rapture on the 40 year anniversary.  Yet, as Ron Reese has pointed out, there is a two year delay.  Joseph interpreted the baker and the cup bearer, only to wait two more years.  He revealed himself to his brothers two years after the famine started.  The Church has waited two (thousand) years.
Here is the site with the free eBook I wrote on the subject:
Also, I believe that the image that Daniel saw gives us a clue as well..  The two legs and ten toes.  The two legs stand for 2,000 years and the toes 10 years = 2010.  The stone carved without human hands I beleive is the moon.
Tony Els


Nicole (16 Dec 2010)
"To Elliot Hong:  Regarding Hanukkah and Christmas"

Dear Elliot,

I was thinking the same thing about the conception of a baby!   And I was wondering if the Lord would give Israel a little time or warning after Hanukkah to prepare for war?

I had a correlation to Winter Solstice and Christmas. 

Disclaimer:  I was speaking with a friend and we were discussing the fact that as every rapture watch date comes how all the signs seem to point to that.  Then we get disappointed how the date comes and goes.   And this is what the Lord put on my heart.  Our angels know the wedding tables are prepared.  The angels are waiting on the Lord to blow the trumpet.   They do not know specifically when the Lord is going to blow the trumpet, so they are ministering and encouraging us as best as they can..  It is their job to do this.   They are greatly blessed when we watch for the Lord's return.   However they know we are on His period of grace and the rapture should have already happened.   Wouldn't it be so funny if the Lord waited until the clock struck midnight as the ball dropped in New York City for New Years Eve?   He comes in the "Nick" of time!   Please do not get angry at people trying to figure out, praying, fasting and putting out fleeces when He is coming.   These people are seeking after the heart of the Lord and will go through many tests.   We must however as we are searching tell others to not be disheartened.   The Lord told me to Remember the book PILGRIMS PROGRESS! 
But keep preparing for hard times as well.  Please!  

1)  There is a blood moon lunar eclipse/full moon in the Ox signaling the rise of the antichrist on 12/21/2010 which is the first day of winter or Winter Solstice.

Traditionally, Constantine merged many of the pagan rituals (ie the druids, the sun god) celebrations of winter solstice into Christmas.   If you go to this website, you will see that Jesus was conceived on 9/11 3BC, physically born on 6/17 2BC, and then the Magis made it to him following the Star on 12/25 2BC.  With the blood moon on winter solstice this year, do you think the Lord is saying these pagans can have their winter solstice celebrations....but the Bride will have a true Christmas with the Lord? The Magis brought Him gifts of His kingship, and His death. So maybe we shall be doing that in Heaven instead. Since we watchers are as a collective the Magi using the blood moon to see His coming of the Rapture?    Especially since the blood moon is in the Ox signifying the rise of the antichrist....with a series to follow in 2011.    It seems that with the rise of the antichrist on winter solstice, the Lord would not allow His Bride to mix anymore our beloved Christmas celebration....with now a greatly evil winter solstice celebration. I don't even want to know what the pagans are going to be celebrating this year. This is why I believe it is coming!  This winter solstice is too, too evil now for us to mix Christmas with this celebration. We would be aligning ourselves or mixing with the antichrist. NO WAY!

2) Regarding the Making of the Baby Videos by Pastor Sandy Armstrong

 Revelation 12:  The Woman is Israel, the Baby is the Raptured Saints.  A soul is created by the Great God Jehovah.  The soul flies around God’s throne asking Him, can you send us to earth so we can be a spirit, so we can be a redeemed person?   The Rapture is taking back what belongs to God at His throne.


I figured this out yesterday after begging the Lord, when are you coming?


Trimesters of a Baby

1st Trimester 1-12 weeks or day 1-84
2nd Trimester 13-26 weeks or day 85-182
3rd Trimester 27-42 weeks or day 183-294
Full term 37-42 weeks or 259-294 days

>From Concepion, (conception of the church) Chile Earthquake on 2/27/2010 full term of the baby in Revelation 12 for the Rapture is between:

11/13/2010 to 12/18/2010. Hmm, 12/21/2010 is 3 days after. Full term baby!
I think they consider past due by the 43rd week.. And the 43rd week from the Concepion, Chile quake falls on CHRISTMAS!!! 12/25/2010!   Christmas Day the Baby will be OVERDUE!

(NOTE:  Did you see how Skyline was STRATEGICALLY rolled out in the USA on 11/12/2010, the day before!)

I was reading Ricardo Cid last night who is from Chile. He saw the rapture and that Chile would be a spectacle to the world. They have given us the sign of the baby of Revelation 12 being raptured with the Earthquake....and the rapture of the church prior to Daniels 70th week as the miners stayed in the ground for 69 days and the first one ascended at 11:11 (lol 1111 ladder to Heaven.)


Pastor Sandy was correct about the 30 day call to repent, for if you see the timeframe of 37-42 weeks when a baby is considered full term, it is a little over a month.
















God’s Warning Coming from Chile:

Ricardo Cid’s Testimony:

3) Vision of a Friend Who Saw Christ
A friend said they saw the Lord God Jehovah sitting saying He was taking back what was His.
This morning I believe I understand what He was saying.  Have you ever seen the video of Jesse Duplantis:  Close Encounters of the God Kind?

Jesse says that the Lord thinks a soul into existence and it flies around His face and His throne..  It is small and is wearing a white gown and the soul says in a sweet voice, Please send us to Earth so we can have a spirit.  Please send us to Earth so we can be a redeemed person.   The soul which is alive is sent to the womb and at the moment of Conception, it receives a spirit.  
When the Lord said He was taking back what was His, I realized this.  The Bride as a collective is His baby on Earth.   We are a baby because compared to our development as a collective in eternity, we have such a long way to go.  
I am reminded of Revelation 12, of the baby being delivered or "raptured" up to the throne of God
He is taking back the souls of the Bride that were originally at His throne!   We belong to Him!   He is taking us home!
3) CJ from Rapture Flight to Heaven says that the 14th of Tevet is the day of Rescue of Hebron by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and it falls on 12/21/2010 this year. 

4) CJ also says there is a 45 delay from 11/6/2010 because of the 1335-1290 calculation and that it lands on 12/21/2010.

5)  Veronika from Germany at RITA who studies Jewish calendars says that the Lord would give the Jews a time of joy before the tribulation.  
God's throne is turning towards the Jews as "Earthquake" Kelley said on Sid Roth's show and the age of grace is over.   So with that, it would make sense, since the world is taking Christ out of Christmas for the Lord to "rain" on the parade of the wicked. 

6) Gentleman on Youtube named Kue said that the Lord showed him 12/14 of Last Year He would be coming this Christmastime.


7)  There was a movie that Robert Rose from RITA showed called 2010: The Year We Make Contact, made in none other than 1984 (LOL Orson Wells book: 1984).   So many alien type movies, rapture alien movies like Skyline coming out this year.  Also the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage came out last year and it showed the year of the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico was the year of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction.  Is 2010 the beginning of the real 1984? 


8) Illuminati they love to throw us off track. 

Remember how they got us wrapped up in Y2K so we would not see 9/11 coming?  They used 9/11 to start making laws to quickly implement beast technology.   It seems that they have us looking at 12/21/2012 and they have us looking at 2 years ahead so everyone will think there is a delay with the Lord's coming and they have time to party.   Two years off!  


9) Remember how Raul (who helps out Pastor Sandy) said that the 2nd Passover was 8 days?   And how it was from 4/29/2018 to 5/6/2018?   Well Hannukah like you said is the Second Tabernacles!   And if you subtract the 2700 days of Hebron from 5/6/2010 you get 12/14/2010.   This is about a week after Hannukkah, and a week before 12/21/2010.   Could this be a window for the Jews before the antichrist arises?  


10) Ron Reese from RITA says that 12/21/2010 is of significance.  "Also, consider the following: 12--21--2010, is written 12--21--21 in Bible numbers, as zeroes are not included. In most countries, the day is written first, then the month, then the year, which would make Dec. 21, 2010, read 21--12--21. Notice the symmetry, but also take careful note of this. The first two numbers add to 33. The last two numbers add to 33. So, we have 3333 or 33.33. Please consider carefully what Thomas Horn writes in his Prophecy book of the year. On page 324, he states, "33..33 IS THE ULTIMATE NUMBER OF EARTHLY LUCIFERIAN GOVERNMENT."   (Thomas Horn wrote the Book 2012 Apollyon Rising)



Ola Ilori (20 Dec 2010)
"Re:"I heard the voice say this...""


Patty wrote: 


"It was at 12a.m. as I checked my clock.  I heard a male voice as I had woke up at that moment saying COME UP HEAR!   This was the early morning of 12/17/2010. 


I am confident that in my home that the Lord is preparing us to be ready."   

Hi Patty,


What's so interesting is the timing you heard the male voice!


It was on the 17th of December 2010!


This just happens to be the correct Day of the 10th of Cheshvan - The very Day Noah was given a 7 Day warning and told get into the Ark, with his household.


The flood then began 7 Days later on the 17th of Cheshvan


Could it be the Church was given a 7 Day warning on the 17th (10th of Cheshvan) December 2010?


Could it be the Lord is getting ready to take us Home on the 24th (17th of Cheshvan) of December 2010?


Could it be we'll all be spending Christmas 2010, in our Mansions, in Heaven?


Lord, let it be so!






Peg Fenn had a dream in 2000, 7 Years after her husband went home to be with the Lord.


It appears that her husband is expecting her to be with him on a Christmas Day. 


Peg Fenn writes:


"Walking up a very steep hill. The sky is very blue, no sun but it is very bright.


As I reached the top of the hill. There is a brick fronted greenhouse.


Its small panes are steamed up and as I approached to look inside. I could see rows and rows of reds, whites and yellows. 


All Christmas plants whose leaves were a beautiful shiny
waxy green. 


I could see Poinsettias in all colours, Christmas cactuses, roses, lilies and begonias, amaryllis and hyacinths.


The steam was coming from an overhead steamer in the nursery spraying the plants with a steady stream and helping to keep them fresh.


The small droplets on these windows and on the plants were all covered in rainbow colours.


A Christmas greenhouse!!


As I walked around to the side of it (I remember my husband saying before he died that he would build me one but never did.)    

There was a door and I realised that this really was  a house with an attached greenhouse.


The door opened and my husband was standing there smiling.
He was very young, looked to be around 33 or 34 and said, 


"This is the greenhouse and house I promised you".



In the Year 2007, Becki had the following dream,


She writes,


"I would like to tell you all about a dream that I had in 2007.

It may just be only a dream, but it seemed so real to me.

In March of 2007 my sister past away. Oh, how I missed her so much. We were very close. We saw each other almost everyday or we would talk on the phone. She was 40 when she passed away.

After she died, I had prayed and prayed to the Lord to please let me have a dream about her because I missed her so much. After a couple of months I got my dream.

In my dream I was so happy to see her. We were walking down a road and she wanted to show me a store.. The name of the store was "Temple Mount Gift Shop". Inside the store was thousands of bicycles. They were everywhere. You could hardly move around the shop for all the bicycles. They were even hanging from the ceiling. I ask her why is there so many bicycles, and she told me that there would be lots and lots of kids here for Christmas.

Well, I just knew that the rapture was going to be Christmas of 2007. I have wondered if maybe the Lord was letting me know the season that the rapture would happen. After pondering about this dream, she didn't say this Christmas (2007) she just said Christmas..."



Tyra (20 Dec 2010)
"Something similiar happened to us"

I've been reluctant to tell anyone except for my family but after I read Patty's write-in, I decided to say it.

Last weekend Dec. 12th, my son Gabriel who is 10 years old and myself were sitting in the living talking. All of the sudden a very white figure walks right in-between us (the figure was at least 8 feet tall).  We couldn't look directly at it, it was so very bright and white.  Gabriel says, "Mommy, please tell me you just saw that?".  I told him yes, I did just see that. We both got very nervous, not afraid, but nervous.  So I run upstairs to see if Maggie my 6 year old was ok.  She was, she was on the computer playing Petville.

The next day I told my family who live right next door what happened, than my niece asked me if it happened around 11:30 p.m. and I told her yes, it did why?  She told me that she was out walking Lilly her dog in the yard and Lilly started barking out our house than she stated she saw this very bright light zoom through our house so she ran in and told her mom (which is my sister).

Now, I've been asking and praying for confirmation that Jesus is coming for his bride soon, but I had no idea he would send an angel to confirm it.  WOW! At least I believe it was an angel because it was so very white.

That same night while giving Maggie my 6 year old daughter a bath, she told me, mommy you and Gabriel saw an angel and the other night I had a dream we were all in heaven with Jesus.  I asked who is all.  She giggled and stated as a matter of fact Gabriel, you, daddy, and me.   She told me that her home had books everywhere and Jesus knew she loves books.  I ask Maggie why all of us including your daddy and myself.  (my husband has never gone to church but believes).  Maggie told me very stern, "Because we ALL believe in him".

With these two events, I believe Jesus is coming very soon!

God Bless everyone

Patty Hayes (18 Dec 2010)
"I heard the voice say this..."

Hi Doves,
It was at 12a.m. as I checked my clock. I heard a male voice as I had woke up at that moment saying COME UP HEAR! This was the early morning of 12/17/2010.
I am confident that in my home that the Lord is preparing us to be ready. My friend whom I share her home a couple of nights ago said that 7 times I opened her door to ask if she was okay. This happened while I was asleep. She greeted me that morning at 7am when I came downstairs to tell me what happened to her throughout the night.
Prior to that, a few nights before that incident, I had been sitting in the "family room/den" watching a program and it was after 11pm when I caught a shadow of very large person in the entryway of her bedroom door outside of her bedroom. It was enough for me to get out of my chair to check it out and check in on her. Then again around 7am a day or so later, I am coming downstairs with my laundry basket of clothes and just as I reached the bottom stair I saw again at the entryway to my friend's bedroom a person or angel standing there and disappeared. It all heppened so very fast.
Wow, God is getting us ready.

Patty Hayes (18 Dec 2010)
"I heard the voice say this..."

Hi Doves,
It was at 12a.m. as I checked my clock. I heard a male voice as I had woke up at that moment saying COME UP HEAR! This was the early morning of 12/17/2010.
I am confident that in my home that the Lord is preparing us to be ready. My friend whom I share her home a couple of nights ago said that 7 times I opened her door to ask if she was okay. This happened while I was asleep. She greeted me that morning at 7am when I came downstairs to tell me what happened to her throughout the night.
Prior to that, a few nights before that incident, I had been sitting in the "family room/den" watching a program and it was after 11pm when I caught a shadow of very large person in the entryway of her bedroom door outside of her bedroom. It was enough for me to get out of my chair to check it out and check in on her. Then again around 7am a day or so later, I am coming downstairs with my laundry basket of clothes and just as I reached the bottom stair I saw again at the entryway to my friend's bedroom a person or angel standing there and disappeared. It all heppened so very fast.
Wow, God is getting us ready.


Jean Stepnoski (20 Dec 2010)
"A Pattern Within 75 Days"

Dear Doves,
      Abba Father uses patterns. I have been looking to the 75 days after The Second Coming of days 1260 plus 30 and 45 to get to the blessed day of 1335. What if there is a similar pattern of 75 days, the 30 plus 45 may not apply to it, in the period of day 1 to day 2520? This pattern goes this month to 12-28, which is only 3 days away to the end of 2010. Here is some theory about possible timeline from day 1 to day 1260 of The Hour of Tribulation, The 70th Week of Daniel. In so doing, I ask a major question. Can the bride/ body be here for part, a small part, of The 70th Week? Why not? We are not exempt from tribulation. We are to be spared The Hour of Temptation, the outpouring of judgments and wrath. I think the 75 days can be accounted for, as 52 days plus symbolically the additional 23. The days of increasing tribulation are shortened for some, from 2520 days to 52 days. That is like 1/50th of the period. Does this show mercy, to escape 49/50th? Is there a mini delay of 52 days only, a period of extended grace, then some escape all? As HE promised? The judgment and wrath are after The Restrainer has left.
      The two periods of 75 days are during and then after The Hour of Tribulation, the 70th Week of Daniel. There is pattern to be seen. The bride/ body is a Winter bride, concerning the date 12-28, rather than earlier. Day 1 of the 2520 did begin on 11-7/ 8 with the event of the China made missile.. Do forward to 12/ 7-8 for 30 days. Go forward 15 days to 12/ 21. Go forward 7 days to 12-28, which is 10 days past the symbolic 10 day warning to Smyrna on the date of Tevet 10, 21 days past 12/ 7-8, and day 52.. How does day 52 become day 75? Add in the remainder of 23 days for the 23 degrees of tilt on the earth's axis which must go from 23 to zero by The Second Coming of 9/ 30/ 2017. This can happen gradually over 7 years. With this theory, we have the period of 1260, with the Restrainer here within this period. He restrains for 52 days plus the symbolic 23 to get 75 days. At the Second Coming is the 1260 plus 75. The theory balances out the 75 day patterns perfectly. The dates of the Matson timeline apply from the mid point of The Abomination onward.
      In theory, there is a very early Winter bride, all the harvest is complete. The Restrainer restrains until the day 52. I had assumed that the Restrainer would restrain until day 1 of the 2520 days. That may not be correct. The periods of the  Hour of Tribulation or The Hour of Temptation may not be the same periods. Here is more theory. A wilderness period is 40, add the 10 days for Smyrna, and there are 50. Add 3 days. We are promised to be raised up on the third day. It is also only 3 days away from the end of 2010. Add 3 days to 50 and we are at day 52 going to day 53. The date of 12-28 is Tevet 21. Remember Valerie and her Sky Blue 21? It is the day of double blessing, and the traditional day for Jewish weddings. It is the day, like a spiritual bridge, that goes from the third day to the Scriptural day 4, the midst of the menorah day. If we are still here after 12-21, 12-24, and 12-25 these may be some feasible reasons why we remain longer. May we daily WATCH for The Light of His Appearing!
With Love and Shalom,


Rapture January 6 to 8th 2011

Paul Wilson (27 Nov 2010)
"To Robert Rose on how celestial calendar might move Hanukah"

Based on expected moon sighting, and the calendar being ONE month off, Hanukkah will be Jan 1st-8th 2011. If the calendar is NOT off than Hanukkah is Dec 2nd-9th.



Rapture January 6 to 8th 2011

This is a new moon (ie Rosh Hashanah mirror)

Rowina (26 Nov 2010)
"To Robert Rose on how celestial calendar might move Hanukah"

Concerning your realization that the Celestial Calendar might be a 
month later than the currently used
Jewish calendar, thus moving the Feast of Hanukah:

People say Hanukah starts December 1, 2010, and runs eight days on 
the currently used calendar (some say
  Dec. 2,even Dec. 4).    If counting 30 days to the future from Dec. 
1 or 2,
  Hanukah then starts on the last days of 2010 and runs into the 
first days of 2011.
Those eight days would encircle the date of the Christian feast of 
the Epiphany, which means
"Great Appearing" in the Greek.  Epiphany (Epiphania) is Orthodox 
Christmas, on January 6, and celebrates
the first coming of Jesus, when He was born in Bethlehem.

So thus the Jewish feast would wrap its arms around the Christian 
feast of Epiphania, the Great
Appearing of Our Lord.  I am not a crackerjack date-maven as most 
here are, but I think that if
Hanukah occurred on Dec. 30 that the last day of Hanukah would be on 
Orthodox Christmas,
called Epiphania, or Great Appearing.   Perhaps He would bless the 
Orthodox and us by
Appearing for the second time on their Christmas.

That's if the calendar truly is off a month, as you and many others 
have surmised!

Remember to love our Orthodox brethren, who have suffered much over 
the centuries at the hands of the
antichrist forces, long before we were born.  Pray for their 
Christmas to be a culminating revelation of Emanuel,
whether or not He comes in the rapture on that day, in their spirits 
if not in their flesh!  But preferably in their
flesh, and ours, on that Day!

  Remember the wonderful Christmas carol: "Oh come, oh come Emanuel!  
And rescue Captive Israel!"   We
are the Church, not Israel, but are grafted into the tree, and thus 
we too sing to be rescued by Emanuel,
which signifies God With Us!


Web Bot predict January 8th 2011 major turning point!

In the meantime, because timelines are getting so short, here is the summary of key predictions from the last issue, which are now very close, particularly the November 8 "tipping point." I believe, along with several others, that this will be the 7 of 10 event sequence predicted by Nancy, which will certainly cause economic collapse in its wake. In that sense it would also simultaneously fulfill Clif's prediction of 6 megaquakes by the end of 2010. Notice also, his mention of mideast war for after November, 2010, which fits with my own timeline. Clif predicts a missile launch on December 14, 2010; I predict the nuking of the US fleet in the Persian Gulf on January 8, 2011.


SOTTC Timeline #8 (report posted 10/20/2010)
Ordered by events lasting Days, Season, or Years
LOTS of stuff happing in the short period this report

Days• Oct 27, 2010 ‘disaster sample pack’ starts arriving, Terra affected by solar cycle –earthquakes etc
• Last week of Oct 2010 tension around [currencies] [precious metals] in MSM and [power centers] of [USofA]
• Nov 2, 2010 US elections
• Nov 5, 2010 – Nov 14 emotional tension prior to tipping point
• Nov 7, 2010 Daylight Savings Time change
• Nov 9, 2010 CERN Large Hadron Collider scheduled to be fired up
Nov 14, 2010 Tipping Point - followed by 63 days of release language
• Jan 7-8, 2011 rate of release language doubles
• Jan 17, 2011 tension begins to build again
• Late 2010, more likely 2011 [Antarctic] [ice mass separation]. [Weather (and climate) globally] will be [damaged] will effect Markets and TPTB

Days -87 day solar cycle• January 22, 2011 (expect earth reaction from January 7 onward).
• April 19, 2011 (expect earth reaction from February 25th onward)
• July 15th....continuous impacts from this point through 2013.

Tipping Point from New Tipping Point numbers ....
• Friday Nov 5, 2010 2:30PM (PST) to Nov 14, 2010 6:50 AM (PST) =emotional tension level plateau
• Sunday Nov 14, 2010 6:50 = Tipping Point
• Nov 14, 2010 6:50 AM (PST) = “break” in tension, “release” in emotional language begins Tipping Point
• Note: (PST) =Pacific (coast) Standard Time or UTC +8
• Terra is 9% of Tipping Point
• [ranking general with decorations for servitude to master] = temporal marker for tipping point and beyond
• From SpaceGoatFarts during tipping point [snake fight] different kind of [reptiles] [contention/fight] [snakes] and [dragons]. (political?) Fight finishes Spring 2011

Days Release Period for Tipping Point
Nov 15, 2010 to Jan 23, 2011 = 63 day emotional release period
Note (the 9/11 release period lasted less than a day)

• Jan 1, 2011 5:00 AM (PST) to January 2, 2011 6:00 AM a brief plateau, hang time in the release
• Rate of release in the same from Nov 15 –Jan 7 except for the Jan 1 plateau
• Jan 7, 2011 5:00 AM release rate doubles in 1.12 hours and continues to increase until Jan 8, 2011 4:30 AM ( PST) = ‘purge’ of anguish
• Jan 8- Jan 17, 2011 release rate returns to prior levels

• Jan 17, 2011 building tension begins again
• Jan 18, 2011 Mega sun spot cycle “active day”
• Release language is 10-20% [continuing terra intrusions] mostly related to climate/weather from [unknown energies from space], release language is 28% [space]
• Quote “data supports … 2+ months of intense release language related to [active global economic meltdown] while there is a [political (constitutional crisis)] within the [USofA] that (from the outside) would appear to place the [existence of the (american) state] in jeopardy.
• Tipping point starts with the US and TPTB but release language does not start until Globalpop shifts into the process. Anxiety around [economic] [banking] [paper debt system] but the real hot spot is around [ global derivatives confidence]

Years – beginning 2010
• Nov 2010-Nov 2011 MSM talks about the [sun] and [earth weather/ climate freak outs]
Terra [rapid] [visible (noticed/observed)] change in the [order of magnitude] of [sudden catastrophic climate change]. [Visible changes/alterations)] in [oceanic currents]
• Fall 2010-2011 [unemployment waves] [tsunami around the planet] [activity areas] [fails] [global commercial civilization] First in [advertising] [media] [entertainment] [printing] [packaging ] etc.
• Nov 2010- out generations 84 years- speedy [irrevocable] [loss of confidence] in [usofa dollar (and associated paper products] [removes dollar] from any status in [international trade accounts]
• Dec 2010 – Mar 2011 [education system] [coagulation ( meltdown/seize up)] [destruction ( crumbling ruin)] of [American college/university system] is the leading edge of similar [changes/problems] in [higher education] globally

Nancy's 7 of 10 event: A possible scenario ...

January 8th 2011 War?

Like many, I feel that Nancy's credibility has been severely damaged. As a result, I have been paying less attention than ever to her recent offerings. However, I did read this week's Zeta Newsletter, which established a sequence for the 7 of 10 event she is predicting by the end of the year. It got me wondering whether any other prophetic material could be consistent with such an event. Here's what I came up with:

One of the most interesting visions I am aware of is the Chet Snow material in Mass Dreams of the Future, which was written in the 1980s and uses future life hypnosis. Under hypnosis, Snow, ignorant of PX, saw a totally unexpected future world for the years 1996-1998 ff., marked by social collapse and major Earth changes. Of course, these years are long past and none of what he saw happened, so who cares, right?

Thing is, lots of people foresaw the end times in the 1998 timeframe, including Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and others. About a year ago, I started to wonder: Were all these amazing prophets just plain wrong or was the future changed? I now believe that some force (possibly benign aliens) has held back PX in order to allow further time for humans to choose their orientation. In particular, major changes in Latin America have shifted whole countries into the STO column (regardless of what our own gov't thinks of these new progressive leaders, such as Morales in Bolivia).

So what would this mean? I believe that the realignment was from 1998, when the poleshift would have happened, to 2012. I believe that this realignment also gives a greater chance for more people to be forewarned as many are now aware of this date and of the Mayan calendar.

If I am right, then what Chet Snow saw for 1996-1998 would actually fit our 2010-2012. Does it? Well, for Christmas, 1996 = Christmas, 2010 (a few months from now), he saw a situation where he had joined a survival group in Arizona. (This in itself is very telling as very, very few people would join an actual survival group unless the situation was very severe.) Food prices are skyrocketing and credit is impossible to get. Trade wars between countries are rampant. Weird weather is everywhere. The President is described as being young, with prominent ears, both of which fit Obama. (One might expect that his skin color would be mentioned, but such a factoid might not come through in a vision since it would be so unexpected.)

As you can see, this situation fits very well with where we already are, but especially if something major happens like the New Madrid quake that is part of Nancy's prediction.

But is there anything else, something date-specific? Well, I previously did a new interpretation of Nostradamus's famous II-62: "Mabus will then soon die and there will come a dreadful destruction of people and animals. Suddenly vengeance will be revealed, a hundred hands, thirst and hunger, when the comet will pass." Ray Maybus is now secretary of the Navy. I think this is who the quatrain concerns. The Zetas have said that when the US is hit by Earth Changes like the New Madrid, it will react by pulling out of the mideast. But several Nostradamus quatrains say that the US fleet will be hit by a nuke as well. So here's the scenario: The US goes to pull out and some country like Iran sneaks a nuke onto a little fishing boat perhaps and hits the US fleet. A parting shot (suddenly vengeance) at a time when the US is reeling from the New Madrid.

Where does the date come in? Okay, the start of the Mideast war is pinned by Nostradamus to when Venus is in Saggitarius. The next time this occurs will be on January 8, 2011. Now look back at II-62. The hundred hands is 500 days. Assume that January 8, 2011 is the start of the war when our fleet is nuked. Add 500 and you get a date in late May, 2012. Well, it just so happens that in the Chet snow material, the pole shift happens in late May, 1998. And this would now correspond to late May, 2012. The 500 days would be the time of war, the time of thirst and hunger, the quickening leading up to the pole shift.

And, of course, that is why the quatrain mentions "when the comet will pass," because the comet is PX.


Addenda (October 23, 2010):

As this timeline begins to shape up, other things seem to be in agreement with it. For example, Clif High's webbot "tipping point" scheduled for November 8 - 12, 2010 could well be the dates for the start of the Earth Changes discussed above (cf.

In fact, the exact same date is suggested by Nostradamus C. III-3: "Mars, Mercury, and the Moon in conjunction toward the south there will be a great drought. An earthquake will be reported from the depths of Asia, both Corinth and Ephesus then in a troubled state.." What is this saying? First off, Corinth and Ephesus are ancient names that essentially refer to the regions now known as Greece and Turkey. In other words, this is a reference to the Mediterranean region. The great quake from the depths of Asia could refer to the great quakes in Japan (Nancy's item 8 in her sequence). For Corinth (Greece) and Ephesus (Turkey) to be already in a troubled state means that the Mediterranean plate has already dropped (Nancy's item 7 in her sequence).

The scary part in all this is that the next conjuction of Mars, Mercury, and Moon takes place on November 9, 2010, the exact same date given by Clif High, and a perfect fit for the rest of my timeline.


This "snow circle" appeared suddenly in December 19, 2009. I believe that it represents the movement of PX around the Earth. So, the Earth is the target-looking circle in the middle.. PX comes up from below. When PX gets close enough, the magnetic forces cause it to detour around the Earth. At that point PX becomes visible as it moves out to the side, away from the Sun. I also believe that the size of the blobs reflects magnetic influence levels and thereby translates to pull on the Earth, which means more earthquakes the larger the blob.

Given all this, the largest blob at the top would equal the pole shift, at the moment when PX pulls back around the Earth, tearing across it magnetically and shifting its poles. I have placed this date as late May, 2012 in my analysis above. Given that, I counted back the circles of PX as one month each. Guess what? The tiny black circle at the bottom comes out as October, 2010! That's us right now, minimal magnetic influence, everything seems normal. But then in November, 2010, a massive uptick. Bing, the Earth Changes are underway. From then until January, major quakes abound (which also fits Clif High's several months for the tipping point energies to spread out).

My advice: If you've been putting off some PX (Planet X?) preparations or purchases or whatever, you might want to seriously consider acting now as things will spin out of control very rapidly if these scenarios come to pass.





Paul Wilson (13 Dec 2010)
"of note"

If the calendar is off, it can only be by ONE month, then Hanukkah starts at sundown Dec 31st 2010. would be the last possible time for a 2010 rapture.