Barry Amundsen (11 Dec 2010)
"Rudy Wallace I agree with you about the videos"

Hey Rudy,
Thank you for saying that because it gives me a chance to put in this belated disclaimer too. I had looked at other videos by this channel and was impressed as far as I got and by the time I got to the first bit of that interview with that guy I decided to just post the link and share it with the Doves. The number count on that video was very low and I thought it was something recently available. Well I was wrong there too. After I had already sent in the e mail to John, I then continued to watch and I had the same misgivings that you brought up and I debated whether to write in again and ask John not to post it or at least give a warning about that part but I decided to wait and see if anyone else felt the same way about it. It seemed like what he was saying there about life after death was at first really off but then he seemed to only be suggesting that people who think they can communicate with dead relatives but are really communicating with demons was what he might have meant but it was very confusing. So I decided tentatively to let that part go.
Well, the next day, after it was already posted, I found out that there is a whole complete version of that same interview and after listening to it from the beginning and then getting past where it was in the couple that I posted, they then get all into a very Seventh Day Adventist twist on it all and that is where I really have to draw a line. You pointed that out too and I appreciate that. I really should be more careful about what I jump to post when the beginning parts seemed so interesting and I just thought it was all good. I tend to do this very easily. I am so eager to accept things quickly and then later I see where they don't line up with the truth.
That whole 7th day thing is easily disproved with scripture and certainly there is no doctrine that is against life after death but that is our hope for goodness sake!
Thank you brother!
Barry Amundsen