Amanda (29 Dec 2010)
"I LOVE all of you guys at the five doves thank you for your love - HIS LOVE"

Thank you Linda, Robert, Suzi and Nicole.  Your words and prayers touched me and are helping me tremendously.  Thank you too to the others that sat and prayed but did not post.  I can do that alot of times for others but yet not post.  I truly feel His arms around me.   I really feel all of us here on this website are one big family.  I feel like we were truly meant to find this website and that John is just being held by the Lord with so much love because he created this website for the Lord and helps all of us reason from hearing from the Lord and warning others.  This website makes me not feel alone or isolated waiting on the Lord.  I read the posts this morning and am going to refer back to them when I'm feeling lost or sad.  Of course, I have been but need to just sit with the Lord and wait on Him to speak.  Sometimes when things are crushing in all around I think okay Lord when was that going to happen "vanished" and "I will remove you".  I know its coming but boy I'm growing wearing in the mean time.  Yes, I do feel attacks from satan through all this but the enemy has been defeated and death couldn't hold Him down I'm gonna raise my hand in victory and I'm gonna make His praises LOUD!!!

Love you all so much,