Amanda (27 Dec 2010)
"Rapture timing & important personal prayer request"

Hello all,

I know, I know we are all growing weary but yet I know He has told me the timing and I need to rest in that alone.   I know when I asked him this past spring will the rapture happen in 2010 or 2011, He answered with "11".  I'm taking it that He is saying 2011.  Also, He keeps saying "spring".  I truly feel that by next summer I will be in Heaven.   If not I will be down on my hands and knees asking for discernment to hearing His voice.    If and when I hear something significant from Him, I will post.  

On a sad, depressing note, my mom who has been separated from my dad because of his adultery (to say the very least) was and has been very suicidal, drinking too much and mixing her presciption meds., which has caused alot of stress and sadness in my family.  Unfortunately, she I feel has taken out alot of out on me because I'm part of the reason they are not together.  It's  a long story but to put it bluntly he was being inappropriate with my daughter (I really do not want to give details),  and eversince I want nothing to do with him.  His 2 brothers were the same way to me and now my dad.  I have been struggling with this for me and my daughter and my mom just makes things so much worse.  I guess what I'm asking please pray for me and my family.  She is even thinking of being back together with him.  It breaks my heart and my pain sometimes is imbearable!
The year before I was told by my 6-yr-old daughter about what grandpa had been doing, the Lord said to me with His still small voice "I will carry you through rough waters".  I had wrote it down in my journal not knowing just how terribly rough they would be.  I'm sorry to open up to others I don't even know but my heart is breaking for what has happenned to my family and is still taking a huge toll now because of my mom.  Please pray and I thank you for reading.