Rick Hedrick (28 Aug 2022)
"Gone within 4 weeks"

The one thing that is rock solid about the timing of things is that the next Shemita cycle starts on Rosh Hashanah of this year, and that the Tribulation has to start then.  We watchers are coming up with several different reasons for several different dates that the Rapture will occur, but the one thing we can hang our hat on is that we will not be here once the next Shemita cycle begins. 
As for which calendar to go by, the "worst case scenario" is that the calendar God uses is a month off from the calendar the Jews go by, meaning that Rosh Hashanah could correctly be at the end of October rather than September. So we could possibly have to wait a very small amount of time longer than we are thinking. 
The main thing to consider is that all sincere pre-trib watchers feel in their spirit that the time is now and that we are about to leave, definitely before the Feast of Trumpets 2022. Sceptics say that this could all be wishful thinking on our part, and that we could be wrong even about this being the year 5782 and the end of a Shemita cycle, and what if we find ourselves still down here in December.  
I would ask all watchers this question:  Would God allow all of us, who are yearning for our savior to come and get us, and all feeling that the time is now, would He allow us all to be wrong?  He promised that we would know it was time if we were watching and loving His appearing.  Yes, some watchers have been watching for a lot of years, and have thought He was coming many times in the past. But not on a wide-scale basis.  Right now, almost ALL sincere watchmen are understanding that THIS TIME is the REAL TIME. And its not just wishful thinking, because right now world events are SCREAMING that things are RIPE for the Tribulation to begin.  Could we ALL be fooling ourselves? Would our loving God, who wants us to watch and know, would it be OK with Him if we suffer great disappointment and great confusion if we find ourselves still here this Winter???  Would He allow our faith in His promises to suffer such a wound?? I think not!!  Does He expect us to be OK with waiting yet another whole Shemita cycle for our departure??  It makes no sense whatsoever, right??
So let's not totally give up our patience and faith that we are about to leave until the end of October at the very latest. I've seen no evidence that God's timing could be more than a month off from the Jewish calendar.