Neil Lipken (28 Aug 2022)
"Quiet before the storm?"

I am just sending this to a few people.   Right now world news has become very quiet.   Fox National News is struggling to have news stories, and they are resorting to "chit-chat" early in the morning between the anchors.   The Russia / Ukraine war goes on, but Fox is really not covering it.  Iran is getting uranium enriched most of the way, but Fox is not covering it.   

We are now a little over a month from Rosh Hashanah, a possible time for the Rapture.   Obviously the Rapture will be the biggest story of a lifetime to date, and right now the news is quite quiet.   So quiet before the storm?

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please email me with your thoughts.   Especially if you believe that the Lord has revealed something to you.   We are now more than 74 years into these End Times (from Israel becoming a nation in 1948), and huge events lie ahead.   We just don't know when.   In the "parable of the fig tree" in Scripture, the "generation" to see Israel's return as a nation will see all end time events come to pass.