Maria H (28 Aug 2016)
"My condolences to DP"


Hello DP, how are you?


I read the message posted by 1 Cor:10:31 (a big lesson for everybody), I did not know your daughter left just a few days after her dog did…


Can I give you a hug? 


I believe Jesus is coming, so I think He will allow us to reunite again with those who are not here with us atm…which is very soon. But only God knows.


I looked for the message that you posted bringing these news and maybe Jesus ended her temporary life on Earth because she was going astray and God took this drastic step in your family for Britany to stop living in this kind of environment which was very harmful specially for her soul.


Think about Britany with a big smile hugging her dog, they are both together now. And Jesus protecting them


My sympathy to you DP and your family


Be strong and persevere in The Name of Jesus, Amen


Love, always


Maria Hale