Lynnette (28 Aug 2016)
"Another deadly virus is poised..."

Dear John & Doves,
Let's take time regularly to tell God we are Thankful & Grateful to Him!
We have our Creator & Saviour Jesus Christ!
He has given us His Word / scriptures,with the Holy Spirit for our
direction& Comfort during these times now.
Psalm 91 is important to read, internalize & meditate upon :)

Consider acting upon a wonderful pastor's insight:
It is best to fill up on God's Word "when we don't need it"
so it will be in us " when we do need it "  
G2G ( Glory to God)  Blessings, Lynnette

Newest article says, Another deadly virus is poised to go global.
Yellow fever is transmitted by the same mosquito as the  Zika virus.
More here: