Gerry Almond (28 Aug 2016)
"Electricity, our Greatest Vulnerability....What if?"

I believe we are at the end of the Age.  I believe we have very few days left.  I know that we cannot convince even our closest relatives and most dear loved ones of this, because their minds are closed to it.  I know people scoff and say "Where is the promise of His coming?", just a Peter said they would.

Some voices are sounding a major alarm about  impending world war.  True?  I don't know, but I do know the messages are coming faster and more numerous.  And I believe that the Rapture of the Bride, that is the ready ones, is imminent.


Gerry Almond
August 27, 2016

It was Perry Stone who said that an electromagnetic event would wipe out the power grid WHEN THE RAPTURE OF THE PHILADELPHIAN CHURCH BELIEVERS TAKES PLACE. If he is correct and if that is so, then the very excuse or reason that the Obama Administration needs for the declaration of marital law will be given when and if that occurs. I am firm in my belief that the reason for the Friday, April 29 Executive Order giving the President absolute power even in peacetime is to stop Donald Trump as President. He would undo most of what this current President has done or allowed to be done. To President Obama such is unacceptable.

Whether by nuclear war, or when the rapture occurs, can you just imagine the consequences of a sudden, long term loss of electrical power in America? This nation is so dependent on electricity that the loss of it for any length of time would be absolutely disastrous. No money, no food, no medical care, no medicine, no way to pay the rent. A barter system would be the only thing that would work. Except guns would, of course. And most of the guns and ammunition are in the hands of criminals AND THE GOVERNMENT.

In the first few moments of almost total to total grid loss, airplanes would crash, cars would collide, signal lights would cease, and a goodly number of Christian believers would be missing from every known profession or line of work. Coal miners would be trapped underground. Oil workers on platforms would be stranded. Only rowboats would function. Liners would be adrift at sea with no power. Passengers would perish aboard ship.

In America, no transportation would run because cars wouldn't start and plugs wouldn't fire. El trains and trolleys would stop in place Lights wouldn't work. Even flashlights would be useless. Chaos would reign and panic stricken people would take what they want or need at the point of a gun or by just plain theft. Scarcity of goods would cause people to shoot to kill each other outright. Every man's hand would be against the hand of his brother. In other words, anarchy would reign supreme.

No heat except kerosene burners, no air conditioning, no means of cooking except gas grills, open fires, or gas stoves. There would be no refrigeration and no fresh meat. Eventually no milk or eggs, and no bread either.

No more running water. Well water and polluted river and lake water would be all that there is, and that would have to be boiled. Murders everywhere. Women would be in danger of assault and indeed would be assaulted as they would be largely defensless. People above the age of accountability would be victims of any and all predators.

This chaos would last for how long? Months, years? There would be no 911 protection either. And no internet, no emails, no social media such as twitter, facebook, or such like. And the most horrible of all?? more computer games or movies. And no texting or cell phone use. Lack of communication would be total and would be mouth to mouth.

The misery would be indescribable. Loved ones gone. No babies in the womb, no children anywhere around, no pregnancies.

There would be little faith on the earth. Men and women would have to rekindle their Bible study to ignite faith. It would be very hard. That is, unless God, in His mercy to the Laodiceans, whom He claims as His, sent messengers to the left behind to stir up their minds toward Him. And this He will do, I believe, whether saints or angels, even in the midst of His wrath. As a matter of fact, several messages from the Lord to that effect have been received.

Every nation that hates America could now send invading hordes to claim their share of the carcass. Jesus said they would in Matthew 24. “For wheresoever the cardase is, there will the eagles (vultures) be gathered together” (vs 28). Many of the surviving Americans would be killed by these marauders. These foreigners would not hesitate at all to pull the trigger on men or women.

God bless America” will have become God curse America. And the rapture of the saints phenomenon would echo worldwide. And it would be in America, which enjoyed God's greatest blessings, where there would be the greatest concentration of left behind Christians. But is would be the world out of which a tremendous harvest of souls will be gleaned.

My heart is heavy because my heart loves America, the land of my birth, my childhood, and my adult life. I found Jesus Christ in a small church in America. But God is just and the justifier of those who trust Him. And America the Beautiful has changed into America the Ugly and also the very sinful, having poked God, the Founder and Creator of America to be His servant nation, in the eye, so to speak. So sad. And so very dangerous.

Gerry Almond