Benjamin (28 Aug 2016)
""Running out of Time""

                                                 "Running out of Time"

 Over 3500 years ago, God gave Noah the task of bringing a 100 year warning to the world while building a way of escape for him and his family, and all who would heed the warning of the coming judgement. No one listened or took Noah seriously, until the rain began! The world was an extremely violent and perverted place in Noah's day, much like it is today! No one knew exactly what rain was and the destruction it was capable of doing, since up until that time the entire world experienced a gentle midst, much like a greenhouse, enabling vegetation and humans to grow and live much longer than now!

 Since the seed of the entire human race had chosen rebellion over blessing way back in the "Garden of Eden", the stain of sin has contaminated every man, woman, and child down through the ages, and would seem to have done us in, had not God's perfect sacrifice, God Himself, His Only Begotten Son, The Son of Man, Jesus Christ stepped down through "Time and Eternity" to provide a way back to Himself, ah, Salvation though The Son! John 14:6, Christ speaking, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me, and only me! 

 It cost Him His life's blood by the most horrible death imaginable! Proving He was The Son of God, He raised Himself from the dead three days later! Because He lives, we shall live also! Jesus Christ said, I am the Resurrection and The Life, he who believes in me will never die!

 A time is quickly approaching when all who died believing in Him, shall be raised incorruptible, raised in power, then the rest of us believers still alive on this planet shall be caught up into the clouds, able to live with Him in Glory Forever! It seems that the harvest is sooner than later! WARNING: Don't wait another day to Repent of your sin! Ask Christ to forgive you NOW, before it's too late!

 In Genesis 6:3, back when Noah began building his Ark of Salvation, God made Noah a promise. Perhaps it was a prophecy. He told Noah that my spirit will not always strive with man, for he is only flesh. I will give him a hundred and twenty Jubilee Cycles of 50 years each, equalling 6000 years on this planet in his rebellious state, and not a day more! Last September 2015, on "The Day of Atonement" the entire world entered the " 120th Jubilee"   The Last and Final Jubilee which ends this September or early October, The Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur 2016! God is extremely detail oriented! What He says, He means! He has a schedule to keep!

 After His children are removed from this earth from all of history via ( Harpazo ), a Latin word for Rapture, being caught up, seized, caught away, for it is written after the Apostle Paul brought this to light by way of a mystery..,We Shall Not All Sleep,(die) but We Shall All Be Changed, in a moment, In The Twinkling Of An Eye, at THE LAST TRUMPET! Some time before the end of this final Jubilee, fall of 2016? Time will tell! 

 Then there will be "Seven Years of Hell on Earth, Daniel's Seventieth Week, ( The 7 year Tribulation ) when God judges all those in the world who couldn't care less what His Only Begotten Son did for them on the cross! How sad for them. If they only knew how much He loves them!   

 WARNING: For people that want nothing to do with God now, He has a place for them when they die, it's called Hell! Watch you tube video, ( 23 Minutes in Hell ) it's a real place too! Jesus died so you don't have to go there!

 This has been an extremely concise outline of 6000 years of history on this planet! REPENT OF YOUR SIN NOW, YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Jesus Christ loves you but backed that up by giving His Life for yours! John 3:16

 With a sincere heart of repentance, in your own words, pray something like this:

 Dear God, I now believe with all my heart that I am separated from you because of my sin nature. I believe that your dear Son Jesus gave His life for mine. Please forgive me for sinning against you. Write my name in your "Book of Life" and I will try and live for you from now on. Thank You Lord Jesus.
I am eternally grateful. If you were sincere in praying that prayer, all the Angels are now rejoicing in Heaven over your decision! JOHN 3:16

Get to know your God now by reading His Word "The Bible". The Gospel of John is a good place to start. Let some one know who your new "Best Friend" is!

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