Benjamin (28 Aug 2016)
""God Knows The End From The Beginning""

   Dear Brother Jon, it looks like the redemption of our bodies is very close now! It will be so awesome being in the presence of The Lord and His Holy Angels with you and the rest of our awesome family! I want to thank you for hosting this awesome web site this side of Heaven! I have grown so fond of all my incredibly gifted brothers and sisters on here and look forward to our discussions on the other side! May God bless and keep you and your family, Shalom

                            "God Knows The End From The Beginning"
                    (He Has A Schedule To Keep, and He's Right On Time!)

 God Knows The End From The Beginning, He should, He is the author of life itself! Let's put it all together. "In The Beginning, God Created Heaven And Earth". Now He also created "Time and Space" thus knowing the end of all things from the beginning. Wouldn't you know it, He also placed "The Key" to understanding His plans of time right there in Genesis 6:3 where He told Noah that He will not always put up with man's rebellion because man is only mortal, therefore man's years in this fallen state shall be "One Hundred and Twenty" Jubilees! 

 A "Jubilee" is one fifty year cycle. One hundred and twenty Jubilees equal "Six Thousand Years" of time! There it is, "Hidden in plain sight!" Now together with "Leviticus" chapters 23 and 25, and "The Book of Daniel," the details of His plan are revealed!  
 Leviticus chapter 25 gives us the definition of "The Jubilee!" It says that in the year of Jubilee, all debts are to be forgiven, all slaves are to be set free, and all property is to be returned to "The Original Owner!" Wow, can it be any more clear than that? In The Hundred and Twentieth Jubilee Year, This Earth, This Planet Earth is once again in the hands of The Great King, "The Creator of All Things both seen and unseen!" Now up until this point, this scripture has been a dress rehearsal, a microcosm of "The Big Picture", what an awesome God He is! 
 The amazing thing, is that He wants to include us in His plans for the future, and believe me, He has some awesome plans! Some we know of, but most we don't, they are just too wonderful to conceive! 
 Now how do we know where we are on this "Jubilee Timeline?" We know that the year 1917 was a Jubilee year because of what was accomplished. Plans were drawn up so that Israel would be given back their homeland by way of "The Balfour Declaration!" "A Jubilee Year" Fast forward fifty years and we come to "1967." That is the very year that Israel took back their beloved Capitol city, "Jerusalem" by way of "The Six Day War!" "A Jubilee Year!" These events are nothing short of "Miraculous!" 
 In the book of Leviticus chapter 25, God told Moses to number seven sevens of years and each seventh year would be a year of rest for the land. They were called "Sabbatical Years." After each cycle of seven sevens, or 49 years, would follow the fiftieth year, or "Year of Jubilee." Now here is the exciting part! The year before 1917 was 1916, a Sabbatical year. The year before 1967 was 1966, a Sabbatical year. Now stick with me. When you add 49 years, seven sevens, to 1966, you get "2015!" a "Sabbatical Year" We are now in the year following the seventh "Sabbatical Year", "2016," "The Year Of Jubilee!" Not only that, going by "The Torah Calendar" and many other sources, 2016 is also "The One Hundred and Twentieth Jubilee!" The culmination of 6,000 years ends this coming "Yom Kippur" "(Day of Atonement)" in late September or early October of this year, since God follows the "Hebrew Calendar", a 360 day year, this is Israel's leap year, it could be either month. One thing is for sure, God is extremely detail oriented. What He says, He means! He has a schedule to keep!  God told Daniel that the prophecy he had been shown, would be sealed up until "The Time of The End!"  My friends, we are there! Just watch the nightly news!

 What I have done, I will do again, is what God has said in His word. In the Old Testament, two of God's prophets were caught up into Heaven and did not die first. This is about to happen again on a "Global Scale" and corresponds with the explanation of what Jubilee is! "What was lost is now regained!" First The Dead in Christ will rise! Six thousand years worth of believers in Christ will soon experience the resurrection of their bodies! Then we who are alive and remain will become immortal in a slit second of time! We will be caught up with them into the clouds to be with The Lord of Glory, and we will be with Him Forever! In my Father's House are many mansions He said, behold I have prepared a place for them who love me! 

 Do you love God? If you do, you'll do what He says. Repent and ask His forgiveness, and turn from sin. It's not any one sin that keeps us out of Heaven, but our "Sin Nature" that we all enter this world with! Receiving Christ by way of His Holy Spirit removes that sin nature from our being, allowing us to dwell in His Presence! For a Brand New Beginning, in your own words, talk to the Lord about this right now. Remember the thief on the cross asked Christ to remember him when He entered His Kingdom, and The Lord said, as He was dying Himself, this day, you shall be with me in paradise! All it takes is a sincere repentant heart! 

Time is short, do it now!  JOHN 3:16

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