Luis Vega (9 Aug 2015)
"SHEMITAH CODE COUNTDOWN - Masonic Jubilee of America's Doom"


A Nation’s Expiration Date based on the Great Pyramid Pattern


by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in chart section

‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.’ -Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of USA 1743 – 1826

The purpose of this study it to highlight the timeline specifically counting the 13 ‘steps’ of time since 1776 and precisely the 7-year Shemitah cycles since the U.S. Coinage Act of 1792. The emphases will be narrowing down the week encompassing the 7th Shemitah שמיטהsince the liberation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the 6 Day War. This Shemitah ‘code’ will start the 33rd cycle since 1792 which correlates to the Jewish year 5776. What is spectacular about the Fall Feasts of YHVH in 2015 is that all 3 Feasts are accompanied by dramatic celestial correspondences. For Rosh HaShanah, there will be a partial solar eclipse. Then on Yom Kippur, the Feast is where the Jubilee is to be proclaimed as it coincides with the Fall Equinox. Lastly the Feast of Sukkot will coincide with the end of the Blood Moon Tetrad which is a Super Moon.

What is exciting to note is that the 7th Shemitah is thus the Jubilee based on the 1966-67 year count that coincided with the liberation of the Temple Mount based on the Great Pyramid pattern. The 7th Shemitah Jubilee will initiate the year 5776 that many are attributing to it as the Year of Light and perhaps to other the end of the Church Age and beginning of the coming New World Order. This convergence could see the initiations to the rise of the AntiChrist and the building of the 3rd Temple that this study suggests the 33rd Shemitah cycle pattern conveys. This conjecture is based on the encrypted 13 step period of time as depicted in the Masonic Reverse Seal of the USA since 1776.

This study will suggest that possibly, the Masonic Luciferian Great Work will converge with Jesus’s Great Work of competing His Spiritual Temple, i.e., His Bride in preparation for the Resurrection and Rapture event. The teaching of the Shemitah has been sensationalized by the book and study primarily divulged by the Messianic Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. What the Shemitah can signify is either a blessing or a curse depending on the spiritual pulse of YHVH’s People and the nation that has incorporated such a spiritual principle into their economic timeline. The point is that the same people that now have usurped the USA’s political apparatuses have synchronized such a similar timeline to the world markets and specifically for the USA to run its course. Thus the Shemitah and Jubilee pattern since 1776 and 1792 has clocked America’s lifespan of its beginning, climax and doom designed by the Luciferian Masons and Kabbalists.

The Hidden Shemitah Code
There have been no Economists that have plotted the graph of the 7-year Shemitah cycle since the Coinage Act of 1792. This study aims to crack this code as it pertains to American’s apparent last economic cycle. This Act was instituted after the USA became a Republic and started to coin its own currency in sliver. Up until the revolutionary era the main currency of the American colonies was the Spanish Reales that were for the most part minted in New Spain or Mexico. At that time, the USA had no Central Bank or a private ‘Federal Reserve’ that Thomas Jefferson had warned about. It was Hamilton that was pro-Bank of England.

>From 1776 Declaration of Independence/Illuminati to Sep 13, 2015 (5776) = 239 years
>From 1792 Coinage Act to 1965 Johnson Executive Order = 173 years
>From 1792 Coinage Act to 2015 Economic Collapse = 223 years (Skull& Bones 322)

>From 1913 Federal Reserve/Income Tax to 2015 = 102 years

It is the sole responsibility of the Department of the Treasury to issue currency, interest free to its own government; backed-up by gold and/or silver. In fact the standard was set to be at ‘3111/4 grains of silver or the equivalent in gold.’ It has sense detreated from the 1980s from the set .77 ounces of silver since 1792 to currently only .02 ounces to virtually nothing. It was President Johnson who in 1965 eliminated the silver from U.S. coinage. The year 2015 happens to be the Jubilee year since 1965 of this historic Executive Order that has diminished the value of the fiat U.S. Dollar. It is backed by nothing and now worth less than 5 cents of its intended purchasing power.

In 2015 the privately owned and run Federal Reverse reached 102 years old. It is an international conglomerate of Central Banks that are not American and boasts to be the highest law of the land without oversight and auditing by Congress. These Banksters have pegged their economic manipulation of the markets on the Shemitah cycle as they did in ancient Israel because they are one in the same. For the most part, they are the Money Changers as Jesus called them. At the end of the Shemitah 7 year cycle, all debts and properties were to be returned. An economic reset was to occur to ensure no debt or slavery was to continue in perpetuity. Historically, Israel’s rulers did no abide by these stipulations and due to their greed as a consequence, collectively all of Israel was exiled from the Promised Land for the 7 Shemitahs accrued since Israel crossed into the Promised Land.

For Israel this time started from when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and entered the Promised Land circa 1416 BC. This is a factor of 70x7x7 which equals 3430 years. Using this formula, it brings the count to 2015; (3430 Year) - 1416 BC) = 2014 + 1 year or 2015 as there is no year zero. Today, this same ‘debt’ towards YHVH has largely been incurred by such Money Changers that are in charge of hijacked economies; in Israel as it has been now the case in the USA. These cycles are repeatable and predictable as once again, it will be YHVH’s People that collectively will suffer because of these Temple Money Changers. The Shemitah code as it pertains to America’s origins reveals that such Luciferians and Kabbalists have conspired to ‘clock’ America with the Shemitah economic cycles to usher in the New World Order.

For that matter, neither has the USA in terms of its new morality and spiritual paralyses honored YHVH to the very end. On the contrary, America has crossed the point of no return with formalized and legalized homosexual marriage and 70 million aborted babies for example. As noted, the major Pilgrimage Feasts that are listed below are in approximate phi ratio 1.618 to the celestial eclipses, to each other, the last 3 Tetrads, the Coinage Act and 5776. Furthermore, between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur 10 Days of Awe’ will see the Virgo Revelation 12 Symbolism. In 2015, the 9-11 date will be on a Friday the last day of the Stock Market trading. Disgustingly the day is called “Patriots Day’; a joke of how 9-11 was to target the Patriots in America.


Feast of Trumpets  רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה
Leviticus 16:24
The ‘Head of the Year’ is said to commemorate the creation of Adam and Eve. The blowing of the shofars also celebrates to day of Resurrection.

Day of Atonement
יוֹם כִּפּוּר
Leviticus 16:29-30
This Feast is the holiest Feast of the year. It is the time when the High Priest goes behind the vail to sprinkle the Blood of the Lamb on the Ark of the Covenant.  The Scapegoat is also designated Azazel and driven into the wilderness.


Feast of Tabernacles  סֻכּוֹת
Zachariah 14:16
In-gathering of the Nations and remembrance of YHVH’s People wondering in the
wilderness due to unbelief. Celebrated for 7 days as booths are made to live in during the week.


Shemini Atzeret שְׁמִינִי עֲצֶרֶת
Leviticus 23:34
A time said to be when the Creator requests an extra day in the company of His People. It literally means, on the 8th Day.


Celestial Correspondences

Sep13, 2015                Rosh HaShanah         Partial solar eclipse/New Moon

Sep 23, 2015               Yom Kippur                 Fall Equinox

Sep 28, 2015               Sukkot                         Blood Moon/Full Moon (4th - Last of Tetrad)


On the Tetrad BLOOD Moon
1. At Perigee to Earth
2. A Full Moon and Super Moon
3. A Total Lunar Eclipse

4. Seen over Israel
5. On Feast of Tabernacles and the end of the Shemitah Cycle


1 Shemitah x 360 days/year = 2520 days x 7 cycles = 17640
from Jun 7, 1967 + 17640 = Sep 23, 2015

1 year 365/year x 7 = 2555 x 7 cycles
= 17885 days from Yom Kippur Sep 24, 1966 = Sep 13, 2015 Rosh HaShanah 5776

The Jubilee Count
What is noticeable in cracking the code of the Shemitah is that the 2014-15 Shemitah is not only the 7th of a 7-year agricultural cycle as described in the Torah but it coincides with the 13th cycle of time since 1776. It is the time when the USA rose as promising Republic like no other in human history. Will the New World Order Republic after the Atlantean order see the eventual countdown to 5776 as the end of the Masonic ‘Great Work?’ Many believe that this 5776 year will bring a judgment as it is a benchmark since the Coinage Act of 1792 by 32 Shemitahs. Will it be a turning point, a transformation, a transition and a release as in the end and a beginning of Biblical proportions? This study suggests that it will involve a transformation, a transition for both the world and YHVH’s People, i.e., Rapture perhaps as the ‘time’ for both have come to an ‘end’.

49 prophetic years (1 Jubilee period) x 360 days = 17,640 days.
>From (Jun 7, 1967) + (17,640 Days) = Sep 23, 2015 YOM KIPPUR

Based on prior Shemitah cycles, the last and most drastic reset occurs on Elul 29 on the 7th year. As noted, what will be dramatic and intensified is that in 2015, the Shemitah year is the 7th cycle. What is also incredible is that the 32 Shemitah 7-year cycles also approximate the phi ratio of time to the start of the last 3 Blood Moon Tetrads since the Coinage Act of 1792 and converge in 5776. Also the Jubilee countdown from 1967 is in approximate phi ratio of time from Israel’s independence in 1948 to the year 5776 or start of the 33rd Shemitah 7-year Sabbatical cycle. Conversely 7 cycle of 49 Jubilee years approximates the time the USA rose to power.

         7.                     6.                    5.                     4.                   3.                     2.                    1.
1721-1722     1770-1771    1819-1820    1868-1869   1917-1918    1966-1967    2014-2015   

Based on the laws of 7, many conclude that the coming cycle will be a 7-fold intensification of the judgment since 1966. In particular since 2001 and 2008 the patterns also suggests a 3-2-1 countdown to not only a U.S. reset but a worldwide one at that. As noted, because this 7th Shemitah will be the Jubilee year, the intensification of the judgment will be 7 times stronger. This is why the Pentagon, the UN the U.S. government has been ‘prepping’ themselves for such a calamity. The Shemitah 7-year economic cycles have thus far been a cursing and not a blessing. There have been a collapse, war and economic resets that have advanced the Luciferian agenda New World Order thereafter. Most noticeably in the modern era it was the League of Nation in 1919 after World War 1 and the United Nations after World War 2.


The coming last Luciferian World Order will come as a result of the planned World War 3 in the Middle East. Base on the evidence, facts and repeatable Shemitah cycles, there will be a worldwide economic collapse in September of 2015. Thereafter in 2016 a World War will probably ensue that most likely will involve a nuclear exchange of sorts that will set the stage for the New World Order. After this collapse, the New World Order will succeed at establishing a new digitized monetary unit and a ‘grid’ that all must be part of in order to buy and/or sell. This final Luciferian Order will be Lucifer’s attempt at uniting Humanity. This will mirror how Nimrod attempted the same around the Tower of Babel. America has built this tower, the Freedom Tower that is 1776 feet tall.

Shemitah Cycles
The U.S. Dollar collapse is mathematically certain as the current rate of U.S. debt is reaching 20 trillion dollars and it is not meant to be paid back. The Keynesian model of a debt service economy only works if a GNP growth is sustained on average over 3 or 4 percent a year. Currently in the U.S. the official reported stats are at 1% if at all. Most expert Economists even believe it is at a negative -1 or -2 % and the real unemployment levels are above 20%. Shockingly the average minimum aged worker is 36 year old now in the USA. Most do not have at least 10% in savings or reserves and most are but 2 weeks away from starvation as food and water will be running out during such an economic crisis. The average U.S. household debt amount ranges from $10,000 to $30,000 dollars. The average debt a college student leaves college with is around $30,000 as well with no prospect of a well-paying career for life type of jobs.

Why the USA military in particular is currently training to ‘master the Human Domain’ is that in 1929, 90% of Americans lived in rural areas where they could sustain themselves off the land and only 10% lived in the cites. Despite this statistics it is estimated that several million nonetheless starved to death. Currently it is the opposite statistically. One can see that when the infrastructure will collapse the hardest hit areas will be the
megalopolis of concentrated Humanity. Chaos will occur especially the inner cities where most are already totally dependent on the federal government for provisions.

Since 6 Day War June 7, 1967
The cycles have corresponded to economic market crashes. The 7th cycle of the Shemitah occurs in 2015.

1, 1973
2. 1980
3. 1987
4. 1994
5. 2001
6. 2008
7. 2015 = 49th Year

Cracking the Shemitah code for America suggests that an end of ‘time’ is converging on the Sabbatical Year of 5776. The next year will have YHWH’s signature 777, the year of divine totality and completion, the triple 7 in the Jewish Year of 5777. The 7th Shemitah marks-off the Jubilee from June 7, 1967 (a Jubilee year). At that time Jerusalem was restored to Israel and began to be built up in troublous times as Daniel prophesied it would. Will this time period and Jubilee count signal an ‘end’ and a ‘beginning’ to something very prophetic? If one is keen to the chatter amongst the well verses and seasoned Economists of the world, they are predicting the ominous inevitably of a crash in September 2015 for one. What most are really alarmed at is not so much the Stock Markets of the world particularly that of New York and London but the Bond Market that will exasperate the collapse far worse than the Crash of 2008.

Prophetic Convergences
The prophetic convergences to the Year of Light 5776 deal with tangible preparations in light of this coming time based off the Great Pyramid blueprint. Among them are 2 much encrypted warning by the most powerful people ruling the world. One is the head of the International Monetary Fund IMF Christine Lagarde in which she lectured on magic of the number 7 on January 15, 2014. On an aside note the IMF has 188 country members. What is very telling is when and how the Luciferians encrypt their signals publically. This 188 coefficient is masked in the date itself. From January 15 to September 23, 2015 Jubilee is 616 days or 1 year 8 months 8 days (1-8-8). It is also 88 weeks that match the 88 days Mercury’s orbit the Sun. Mercury is the god of money.


The other is the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius that spoke of a 500 day countdown to a ‘climate chaos’. This countdown coincides with September 23, 2015 or the Jubilee date on the Fall Equinox. The Pope will be giving a speech at Congress and the UN, its 70th Jubilee session since it was founded in 1945. Will the UN ratify or further its Agenda 21 plan for a 1 world government that the Pope has been espousing? Will this session see the ratification of the Palestinian state and a 2 state divided Israel? It is rather interesting that on the 25, the same day that the Pope addresses the UN, he is also scheduled to visit a school named after the ‘Queen of Heaven’, aka ISIS the transgendered Lucifer in drags.

Lagarde Speech                              1y 8m 8d (188)                                              Jubilee

Jan 15, 2014----------------------------------- 616 Days ------------------------------------ Sep 23, 2015

Fabius Speech                               (Climate Chaos)                                            Jubilee
May 11, 2014---------------------------------- 500 Days ------------------------- ---------- Sep 23, 2015

What is spectacular about May 11 is that it is an encrypted 511 telephone number in the USA. This is the number for ‘Travel Info’ regarding weather conditions. Such have been also the timing of their World Orders. They appear to be mathematically in approximate phi ratio of time to this Jubilee 5776 time marker. The New World order to come is in approximate phi ratio to the League of Nation in 1919 and the United Nation in 1945. This study suggests that 2 other prophetic events eclipse such a phi ratio of prophetic time also. One is the world wars as World War 1 and World War 2 when subjected to an approximate phi ratio of time suggest that 5776 will be the year that the 3rd World War.

The 2nd prophetic event is based on the Olivet Discourse of Jesus. In that discourse Jesus set the prophetic mirror of how the 2nd Temple, the City and the Israel would be destroyed. Conversely it is a code and a countdown of how all 3 will be restored in approximate phi ratio of prophetic time in the Last Days to culminate in the rebuilt 3rd Temple. As it is 2 of the 3 elements have already come to pass, in 1948 and 1967. Israel was reborn, then the Old City and next is the Temple in reverse order. Also as noted, the start of the Tetrad of 2014-15 is in approximate phi ratio to the year of liberty, 1776 that has pegged 13 steps of time converging in 5776. As noted, the ‘code’ is from the Coinage Act of 1792, where there are 32 completed Shemitahs. The 33rd Shemitah Sabbatical cycle will correlate to start of the convergence of 5776 or from 2015-2022.

The Coming Curse

Most newly created jobs in the U.S. are now part-time to scurry around ObamaCare and the need to provide Social Security. Most ‘good jobs’ are now being replaced by foreign workers that are paid less and are exempt from ObamaCare to a degree. Currently the U.S. Dollar is being artificially propped up by the Federal Reserve because they own the printing presses and the only reason it appears that the Stock Market is reaching records highs while there is 0 interest rates is that it’s a fix. As the U.S. Dollar is created by fiat or out of nothing, it is backed by nothing other than the perceived value hipped by the media controlled propaganda of the Banksters. The last bastion of solvency for the U.S. Dollar is the Petro Dollar but now most major countries are moving away from that. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have successfully set up an alternative banking system that is to go live in September.


To some Economists, the collapse has been ensuing especially since 2008. The present World Order is on borrowed time, excuse the pun. Since 2008 the Banksters got bailed out at U.S. taxpayer’s expense. The top executive Money Changers got multi-million dollar bonuses. It is estimated that the top 6 banks grew 40% as they gobbled up all the smaller regional banks, etc. Thus the same problem matrix exists since 2008. Obama did not fix nor correct the ‘fix’ but allowed the Money Changers who put him in Office to keep the lending and borrowing scheme going as much as it could. Meanwhile the government preps their underground bunkers DUMB’s, stockpiles ammo and engages in ‘Mastering the Human Domain’ with such psyops as Jade-HELM. Why even NORAD moved back into the Cheyanne Mountain range as it is EMP and nuclear proof.

When the New York branch of the Federal Reverse moved to Chicago, no one called them ‘conspiracy theorists’ for believing that the reason is that they are expecting a major natural catastrophe affecting New York to happen sometime very soon. Yet when people are moving out of certain states if they can or are prepping, they are called the crazy ones. If the ‘code’ of the 7-year economic cycles has been cracked, then the one that is scheduled to occur on the week of September 13-18, 2015 will see America’s time ‘expire’. The austerity measure will be implemented in the U.S. for sure as the expert Economists are predicting a 30% devaluation of the dollar. All pensions, savings and debit will be negatively affected and so on.


One supposed rationale for the planned collapse by the Money Changers is that especially in the USA, the eradication of the Middle Class has secured the condition to make everyone equal by lowering the standard of living and making the USA a 3rd world nation. This will make the people all that easier to control and kill. Greece is leading the way as a test run. China is feeling the stress of this coming convergence and transference to the New Economic Order. Yet China has record amounts of gold as it seeks to back its currency by the September announcement. Although most media and bank pundits ridicule the buying-up of gold and silver, the Money Changers are deliberately suppressing the value of them as to deceptively prop-up the fake U.S. Dollar. All the while, the expert Economists are advising their clients to buy gold and silver and as much as one can to ensure a smoother transition into the next global economic system and unit of currency if at all. 

Conspiratorial Conspiracies

Only the Oligarchy will benefit from such an economic implosion of America as they control all means of production, distribution, the military, education and have even procured the Clergy Response Teams of Pastor to herd their seeker friendly congregations into FEMA extermination camps. These are the same Money Changers that have written and implemented ObamaCare in the USA that seeks only to treat not cure people. The endgame of the Luciferian Money Changers and Kabbalists is to perpetually soft-kill the masses while making a profit from them with their chemtrails, environmental geoengineering, GMO of food production and toxic forced vaccinations. It is based on the same principle of charging interest on a loan.


The objective is not to have people or governments pay off the principle but keep them perpetually in debt so as to generate wealth out of Biblically forbidden usury and keep them subjugated in perpetual economic slavery. Case in point is Greece. Many believe Greece is the spark in the fuse for this countdown to September of 2015 and beyond. Greece was compromised as the Tsipras government capitulated to the German bank masters and is just perpetuating the total enslavement of its people by lending money to the government so the government can pay back the same banks just the interest on the principle loans from the banks it can’t pay back in the first place; this is insanity. For America, the ‘handwriting is on the wall’. The code reveals that 33rd Shemitahs since the Coinage Act in will mark the end of America as the Masonic Phoenix for a new one.

Coinage Act                                                                                        Rosh HaShanah 5776
Apr 2, 1792                                                                                                         Sep 13, 2015
32 Shemitahs--------------------------------------------------------|

1776                                                                                                                 Anno Lucis 5776

|--------------------------------------------13 cycles of time------------------------------------------------------|

Incredibly, the Coinage Act occurred on a Shemitah year and converges on 5776 that falls on September 13, 2015. This timeframe concludes the 32nd Shemitah cycle and the 13th step pyramid of time since 1776 as modeled by the Masonic Reverse Emblem of the USA. This is but another clue in breaking the code that this Shemitah 33 cycle since 1792 and the 13 step pyramid 1776 converge to a finishing and a building of a 3rd Temple in 5776 perhaps. The other clue is physically etched in the Bank of England building in London based on the Latitude-Year Theory. See the article titled Pleiadian London. This pyramid of time is also encoded in the National Mall in Washington D.C.

This study thus suggests that perhaps the Masonic ‘Capstone’ will be the culminating last 7-year Shemitah cycle from 2015-2022. The Masons who designed their emblem have encoded when Lucifer, as the final Capstone is to descend and be enthroned on the Mercy Seat of YHVH that Moses built. Perhaps this last 7-year Shemitah cycle will thus correspond to the building of the 3rd Temple that will correlate to Daniel’s last week of years, as the last Shemitah. O
thers within the Biblical eschatological studies go further to suggest that this convergence of prophetic time might well also correlate to the end of the Church Age. This could mean that the culminating Rapture event could be part of the equation as the economic, religious, social and moral collapse ensues.

The God of Mammon

There have been 2 sins that have been perpetuated in American’s Shemitah code countdown. These 2 sins have primarily been the methods of ensuring the expiration date for America’s purpose as schemed by the Money Changers in league with the Masons. For America, tax dollars are paid to the Banksters that have indebted the nation with usury and have bought-off Congress. The current form of the federal government does not reflect the wishes nor interests of the majority anymore. Second the scheme has been to persuade Americans into a spending frenzy type of lifestyle that is based on credit instead of savings. The money spent on useless items most could go without goes to the corporations that are owned by the one and the same Money Changes and Masons.


The Bible teaches that the world is controlled and run by Lucifer and his kingdom...his Money Changers to include all that constitutes such governments, military, etc. In America, such are in control of the 6 major banks that rule the USA. They control the 6 major media conglomerates that rule the USA. They control the 6 main U.S. federal agencies that rule the USA. The USA has become a welfare state with the sacred cow being the Middle Class that has now been sucked dry. Such have usurped the government and are writing all the policies such as ObamaCare, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, tax laws, etc. The Supreme Court rulings are enabling and validating the institutionalized corruption within the federal government that Thomas Jefferson warned about. It amounts to what Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild is attributed to have said, ‘Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws.’


Using the bell curve analogy, the bottom 10-15% in America are on welfare. The top 10-15% are also on welfare with the Middle Class in the middle. At the top, the Money Changer’s banks get the bailouts and get pay raises for luting the coffers of the government and Middle Class. The burden of unlawful taxation is incurred by the working poor and middle class that see no benefit of such an economic scheme set up to bankrupt them as they perpetually enslave the government and people with debt. To mitigate the collapse in the USA, the military will be used because now thanks to the Patriot Act, the nation is now Battlefield USA against the Patriots. The USA is fast becoming Germany 1938 now. The most popular viable options that such nations chose when they reach the end of their economic allotted time was to exterminate their people.


Case in point, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Maoist China, Khmer-Rouge Cambodia and the list goes on. There is much evidence that at the very top of governments, included the USA, the cadre of those that Jesus exposed as being of the Synagogue of Satan is very real. As noted, they are the ones in control of the economy, media, education, religion and politics. They are very anti-Christian, anti-Jesus. And they don't have to be necessarily 'Jewish' to be so or Masons as even some so called "Christians' are part of this cadre of Luciferian evil. If the Money Changer’s timelines are valid, then specifically the end of the 29th of Elul is when a partial solar eclipse occurs on Rosh HaShanah and ushers in the Year of Light 5776 as in 1776 from where the New World Order countdown began and thus will end, end for America, the Old Order. What comes next is their ‘Capstone’, their ‘Temple of Light’ to set the stage for their coming Messiah.

The Spirits of the False Prophet and AntiChrist in America

What this study seeks to demonstrate is that the Great Pyramid pattern has been incorporated in the very design of America and is perhaps directly related to the advent of the False Prophet and AntiChrist. This has been done by the Masonic Luciferian Orders in league with the Money Changers that have allotted the USA its beginning, end and demise perfectly in line with an approximate ratio of time and anticipated ‘Capstone’ event. This Capstone event is the ushering in of the New World Order as the USA is imploded like the mythical Phoenix. Out of its ashes will arise the Luciferin Age with its accompanying AntiChrist and False Prophet. What is ominous is that based on the 1776 start-date, there appears to be a Jubilee countdown coincides with the 33rd Shemitah. This time specifically coincides to the Yom Kippur of September 23, 2015.

Regarding the Shemitah code countdown, this study suggests that the economic cycles of America and their correlations are attributed to the scheming done by the Money Changer and the ‘Builders’ as in Jesus’ day. As in the days of Jesus, the Money Changers were exposed for being in league with the forces of darkness to fulfill their plan of ‘expiring’ Israel as intended by YHVH. Many of such a crowd are into Kabbalah that name certain things, people, places and use numerology at certain places and time to harness such forces to advance this ‘Great Work’ on Lucifer’s behalf. Such a cadre of Luciferian usurp governments and continue in their scheme at taking over a nation’s leadership, government through the economy. Such are the false leaders that Jesus exposed as ‘brood of vipers’ and whose Father was not YHVH but Lucifer. They have and will murder, kill, steal and destroy that which others have built or get in their way.


They have now polarized America as they did for Israel during Messiah’s first visitation. There were the corrupt religious leaders, the High Priests that only sought to keep their positions of power through religious ‘traditions of men’ as they placated to Caesar and according to the Gospels, their only and true king was Caesar. There were the Pharisees and the Sadducees. This divide and conquer psyops in essence was the rightwing and the left wing of the religious main stream of Israel. There was also the Essenes. There were the zealots or what many would label the ‘conspiracy’ block or those ‘radicalized’ that where thought and portrayed as fanatics and a fringe faction to be ostracized much like the Veterans, homeschoolers, Christians, militias, gun owners of today in America. Then there were the silent moral majority of the people or ‘sheeple’ that just believed and did as the government and religious leaders told them.

Incredibly, the ‘end of the line’ for America is when the High Priest of Rome with his Triple Crown and ‘Blazing Sun’ shield will ‘cap’ as in ‘Capstone’ of the Great Pyramid America’s anniversary of the conclusion of its life and purpose. The Pope of Rome is to address the People’s Congress thus the whole nation on this day. This is truly historical as no Pope has taken this political function. One has to realize that the Offices of the Pope are dual. The Pope is essentially the defacto Caesar of Rome still. The Caesar was the political ruler of the state and empire of Rome. His equal power was that of not only the head of the state but imperial religion of Caesar worship, the false Son of God. He was the Papa, the Father and thus the head or supreme ‘Father’, Pontifex Maximus. When political Rome fell, the office shifted to the religious aspect of the Caesarship.

The End of Line for America
What this study is suggesting is that the Pope will in fact exercise the address to America to officiate its consignment and purpose and will be speaking Ex-Cathedra, from the Throne to decrees such an end and demise of America’s course as Caesar. This study is suggesting that the Pope in essence will be concluding the New Rome of the New World that Washington D.C. has been attributed to have been. It is a direct parallel as even geographically the 2 city layouts mirror each other in latitude and configuration, back to back. What the High Priest as the defacto Caesar of the current Roman Empire of Daniel’s statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream will be doing is taking back this officiate to the Old Rome to comprise the last morphing and mixing that is the 10-Toe confederation that will be the Revived Roman Empire back to Europe. What this study is strongly suggesting is that there is an ominous imagery of the Pope addressing the USA by way of the Congress on Yom Kippur.

Comet ISON                                                                                                  Pope at UN
Hanukah Comet                                                                                              N.W.O Agenda 21
Nov 27, 2013                                                                                                  Sep 25, 2015
666 days ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|


‘End of Mayan Calendar’                              End of Rosh HaShanah (including end date)
AntiChrist Event/Open Portal                                                 Start of Anno Lucis 5776
Dec 21, 2012 (Winter Solstice)                                                                      Sep 15, 2015

|------------------- 999 days ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|

What is striking about this 33 Shemitah code countdown is that the Jubilee year of 1966-67 is in approximate phi ratio of time from the Coinage Act to the end of the 7th Shemitah of September 13, 2015. The Coinage Act itself is in approximate phi ratio of time from 1776 to 1st Jubilee within the timeline counting down to 5776. This Capstone that the Pope is personifying is alluding that he will crown, Triple Crown the AntiChrist in the near future with the Unholy Trinity’. Perhaps many may be correct in that Obama is a very strong candidate as the American Pharaoh phenomena points to his person. It could very well be the case that prophetically it is how his actions have decimated YHVH’s People both physically and spiritually by his executive orders, foreign policy, appointees and support for Islam.

The code reveals that this event will be on the Jubilee and end of the 32 Shemitah since the Coinage Act and the 13th stage of time since 1776. This event is conveying that the Pope is personifying the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer, the Blazing Star atop the Great Pyramid pattern. His shield or coat of arms has this encrypted blazing Eye of Horus. This is the Masonic hidden code that on one hand has used the Shemitahs to countdown America’s purpose and end; total ungodly usury. These High Priest Banksters have used this Masonic countdown to ensure the destruction of the America; the Fall of the Phoenix down to the last Shemitah count and on time. This Satanic plan that has been engraved in the Reverse Seal of the USA at the bloody soaked hands of the Masons and Money Changers that usurped the People’s Republic has been hidden in plain sight.
The Hidden Things given to the Church to Reveal
‘And to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery, which for ages past was kept hidden in God, who created all things.His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose that he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.’

–Ephesian 4:9-11

To reiterate, what this study is insinuating is that the breaking of the Shemitah code involves the Great Pyramid pattern. It is not only ‘clocking’ America’s end and demise but is personifying the coming of the AntiChrist and False Prophet. This is according to the own teaching, theology and expectation of the very Masons and Kabbalist Money Changers, They are literally expecting a physical 3rd Temple to be built on the Temple Mount. Many Christians do not subscribe to the notion of needing to have a physical Temple rebuilt in the Last Days and infer that the Church is the Temple. There are many issues the LORD chose to leave out the details, such as the 3rd Temple, the Rapture, the Church Age itself and America. The answer is in Ephesians 4 where the LORD set the prerogative for the Church in regard to such matters.


The LORD has been given discernment to the Body of Christ to figure it out in due time and in the appropriate time. Also just because a theological concept is not mentioned by specific name does not mean it does not exist. Certain people need to see before they accept it is not theologically sound. For example there is the doctrine of the Trinity. There is no word in the Bible that mentions the Trinity. Based on such a flawed rational and deductive reasoning, therefore the Trinity must not exist and cannot be proven. Thus those to insist on this trueness are labeled misguide, and even heretical. One has to look at the Scripture in context of the prophetic time. This study does subscribe that there are prophetic patterns called dispensations where certain revelation is emphasized.

The way the LORD speaks to the Church has a deferent tone and emphases that when the LORD spoke to the Jewish mindset Disciples such in the time of the Olivet Discourse. Many Christians mix the proverbial ‘apples and oranges’ and thus are confused eschatologically and have misinterpretations. This lack of discernment has ended up having many in these Last Day instead of standing together when the Church needs to be the most, are accusing, causing division and tearing down the witness of Jesus’s command to love and maintain the unity of the Body of Christ to the Church’s same.

As mentioned pertaining to the prophetic interpretation of the Shemitah code of America’s time, it could very well mean that America has served its purpose for the Money Changers and the Builders that have rejected Jesus as Messiah. America has come to end, and its time has expired. Based on the 33 Shemitah Masonic and Money Changer countdown, America will go the way of decadent empires. These Satanic orders are giving America on the altar of slaughter to the coming False Prophet and AntiChrist as a bloody sacrifice to consume with fire and vampire bloodletting. They will present to the Triple Crown ‘American Pharaoh’ the millions of slaves America has now become on more than one level can attest to.

The Light and Salt of the Earth
Did you bring me sacrifices and offerings 40 years in the wilderness, People of Israel? You have taken up the tabernacle of Molek and the Star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship. Therefore I will send you into exile’ beyond Babylon.’ – Acts 7:43

Many have wondered if America is mentioned in the Bible or why not concretely in the Last Days. This study strongly suggests that America has been an integral part of prophecy but hidden or veiled as it where as many prophetic types are in the Bible. The inference is suggested and can be clearly seen once the code is broken as in this case of the 33 Shemitah countdown that the LORD has allowed to be exposed in these Last Days. As Jesus exposed the secrets and shown the light at the darkness of the Builders that rejected Jesus as the Capstone and the Money Changers for their usury, the Church in this hours needs to do the same. Jesus exposed these leaders, as ‘worthless shepherds, waterless clouds, white washed tombs and the blind leading the blind.’


Within the Sanhedrin in Jesus’ day, there were the ‘closeted Christians’, those that believed that Jesus was the Christ such as Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus but kept a low profile. Such is the condition of a polarized Church of Jesus today. It has allowed an alternative morally that has not just spiritually bankrupt the nation; all by design of the Synagogue of Satan. In part this has been accomplished by the infiltration of the churches on one hand. The conditioning by the clandestine psyops methods of these Satanic orders at the top have ushered in a new morality for which America is sure to be judged for. On the other it has also been the greed, sin and corruption of America’s elected officials that have sold America out as a prostitute to the High Priests of Mammon and Builders.


Such a conspiratorial cabal have designed America with its own seeds of destruction to collapse, self-destruct as a Phoenix at the end of its time. In particular this ‘end of the line’ will correlate to the national judgment of America that began to intensify with the Shemitahs of 2001 and 2008.They are the 3-2-1 countdown of the 7-7-7 and 7th Shemitah Jubilee countdown to the total ‘washing away’ of the once glorious Phoenix. This has profound prophetic overtones to the judgment as in the Flood of Noah. The Flood was as a reset, a release, a transition, transformation and a washing away literally. Will this ‘washing away’ possibly and conversely allude to the Rapture as the Bride of Christ as she has ‘washed’ her garments white in the Blood of the Lamb. Will she be taken up and out as conversely, the people of Noah’s day were taken out and Noah remained?


The USA is slated to be transformed into a 3rd world nation. Will this coming reset, release, transition and transformation be a washing away the USA? What is striking about this 33 Shemitah code countdown is that the Jubilee year of 1966-67 is in approximate phi ratio of time from the Coinage Act to the end of the 7th Shemitah of September 13, 2015. The Coinage Act itself is in approximate phi ratio of time from 1776 to 1st Jubilee within the timeline counting down to 5776. If what the Shemitah code countdown is suggesting, then America was only given an allotted amount of time that has now run out.

The Capstone that the Builders Accepted
This study has insinuated that the historic address to Congress by the Pope will be as the Capstone that is to ‘cap’ America’s end based on the 33 Shemitah code deciphered and on the Great Pyramid pattern. The Pope at this place and time will be as a white-robed High Priest addressing the nation personifying the finished ‘Great Work’ of the Temple High Priests and Builder’s ‘Capstone’ they have accepted. This assertion is based off the very own Masonic Reversed Seal of America and the Papal coat of arms of his blazing sun, I.H.S. It is attributed to being an encrypted Eye of Horus, etc. This is in fact the ensign of the Society of Jesus, the New Babylonian Jesus, not the Jesus of the Bible. The following is the creed and oath each Jesuit is obligated to uphold.

‘I do further declare, that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of his Holiness' agents in any place wherever I shall be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland or America, or in any other Kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants or Liberals' doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise…’ –Portion of Jesuit Oath

What is profound about the protocol of the Jesuit Oath is that as a Jesuit Priest of the Roman religion, his oath is always to a higher ‘sovereign’, in all cases to that of the Pope. In the case of Jesuit Priest Francis, he is that sovereign Pope, thus as a Jesuit foremost, this obligates him to pay allegiance still to a higher sovereign. Thus based on the Jesuit Order’s protocols, this sovereign has to be someone other than the Pope himself. Ergo it will have to be the AntiChrist chosen by the Dragon, Lucifer himself that will incarnate into him at some point in time.


It is rather interesting that both the Pope and Obama have the same political and social framework and world view. The Papal ensigns are also all capped by Triple Crowns. Perhaps this alludes to the alliance with the coming AntiChrist and the Dragon in the near future; the Unholy Trinity’. Many may be correct in that Obama is a very strong candidate as the American Pharaoh phenomena points to his persona that the Pope will be beholding to. It could very well be the case that prophetically, up to now Obama’s actions have been more like the Biblical Pharaoh that have decimated both the physical and spiritual People of YHVH. This has been In part accomplished by executive orders, his pro-Muslim foreign policy, appointees and support for Islam.


Will this Masonic time 1776 and 1792 to 5776 see the end of the American Republic? It does appear that America will have been used to usher in the AntiChrist and the last rendition of the Luciferian Masonic evil empires that will see the advent of the last Luciferian AntiChrist with Lucifer incarnate. If the decrypted code of the Shemitahs are valid, then America will end as a Republic as it is currently known. Americans and the world will see the fall of the Phoenix for not keeping its once sure foundations built on the precepts of YHVH. This study agrees that there is not only an economic convergence based on the repeatable pattern of the 7-year Shemitah cycle. There is a prophetic one also that is just as Biblical and more so the primary cause and effect of why all this is happening. Will this time also see the countdown to the end of the Church age and the completion of Christ’s spiritual house, i.e., His Bride?


Will this time also see the beginning of the physical House of YHVH, the 3rd Temple be built as it is to be usurped by the very Edomite Money Changers and Builders that will present it over to Lucifer’s false Messiah half way into the Time of Jacob’s Trouble? The point might very well be though that the Bride and her rapture much like America has been veiled prophetically but nonetheless has a specific timeline countdown too. The Church, the Bride of Christ specifically has to be the Light and Salt in this last prophetic hour of the end, of the coming collapse, transformation, and transition of America and the world for that matter. Perhaps the hidden code of the Rapture has been also an encrypted timeline based on the Shemitahs and the Jubilee that are running in tandem or the other way around.

Start of Church Age                                                                                     End of Church Age
Death-Resurrection-Rapture of Jesus                                                    Resurrection & Rapture?
32 AD                                                                                                                              Fall 2015?  

|-------------------------------------------- 1983 years --------------------------------------------------------------|

1982 / 49 year Jubilee cycles of 7x7
~40.44 Jubilee periods of time (time of testing)
= Duration of Church Age?

The secret code of the Bride is that she too has an end to her Royal Commission. She has been laboring for her true High Priest as her ‘head’, her ‘capstone’. This Rock also wears a white robe and is crowned with many crowns and has as it where a ‘shield’ with the ‘Sun of Righteousness’ blazing as an icon. This Capstone is the resurrected Jesus, the Cornerstone, the ‘Capstone’ that the Bride awaits a completion of her Spiritual Temple. Thus the Rapture itself can be depicted that once the ‘temple’ is completed, the ‘Capstone’, Jesus will come down to cap it with His glory. She has waited in tremendous anticipation of her wedding day and perhaps her time is at hand as she is to experience the salvation of the Rapture to come as promised at the end to her ‘Great Work’. Will her countdown to the timeline also converge in 5776?


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