TH (31 Aug 2014)


                 QUESTIONS for PASTOR BOB

      First off let me say that these are NOT put to you as challenges or argument,
but rather as genuine inquiries as to YOUR UNDERSTANDING of them. From
what I have read of your postings on 5 DOVES, you have established yourself
as a "go to guy" for answers on Scriptural issues that could be better defined
as to their true meaning for those serious enough to REALLY want to
know (what your "take" on them is).  I THANK YOU in advance....TH

1. Do you believe that EVERYONE who "believes" JESUS is the SAVIOR will
    be RAPTURED?
2. Those that BELIEVE...AND are BAPTIZED? (Is Baptism necessary)?
3. (Worded differently)  Are the SHEEP and the GOATS are going to be RAPTURED
     together? (HIS SHEEP hear HIS VOICE - are those that don't, GOATS)?
4.  What is the DECIDING FACTOR between the two, if not HIS VOICE?
5.  What is the significance of HEARING HIS VOICE?
6.  What is your understanding of (para.) "few there be that find it" ?
7.  What is the "straight gate"?
8.  Will those that "HEAR HIS VOICE" be given advanced warning by HIS VOICE?
    ( as they are about other things )
9.  Will there be an ANOINTING for "greater miracles than I have done" at some
     point prior to the RAPTURE? (or at the RAPTURE & they remain for a time) ?
10.  Do you believe that the N.D.E.'s we all hear about are REAL? or demonic?
11. Who are the people that will be told by CHRIST to "get away from me, I never
      knew you" and how do WE define them in the here and now?
12.  When does HE order them away ?  (Bema/Throne/other)?

        Bob, again, THANK YOU,  your insight/knowledge is very much appreciated.
                    Y B I C   TH