Patty RP (31 Aug 2014)
"Giant Crack in Mexico, Billions of Jellyfish Washed Ashore, Earthquake in California"


Dear Doves,

Scientists are baffled! Have you heard about the following?

Billions of jellyfish wash up on beaches from San Diego to British Columbia

BILLIONS of jellyfish-like creatures have washed up on numerous beaches on the West Coast, baffling scientists and locals alike.

Beaches all the way from San Diego to British Columbia are now covered in a mysterious species of fish known as “by the wind sailors,” or their scientific name, velella velella.


Giant fissure splits the earth open in rural northwest Mexico

A huge fissure has split open the earth in a rural Mexican town, stunning locals and scientists, who are still seeking to explain its origin. 

The crack appeared last week and crosses Highway 26 between Hermosillo, in the northwest of Mexico, and the Gulf of California.

The fissure is the length of three quarters of a mile, about 26 feet deep and 16 feet wide.

Geologists are still investigating what could have caused the phenomenon.

Also, there was a mag 6.0 earthquake in Northern California on August 24th.


Patty RP