Lynnette (31 Aug 2014)
"Dr Owuor // Reinhard Bonnke"


Dear John and Doves,
Thank you, John ,for your ministry to God (upwards) & us (outwards) these years,
by way of  this wonderful FiveDoves setting. I believe its far reaching benefit & effect will be shown to you in heaven :)
Current details of Dr. Owuor's  schedule is  an  International Conference of Pastors in Nakuru, Kenya  August 29- August 31, 2014
Additional upcoming Conference dates  are listed for
September 10-11, 2014    and September 13-14 , 2014 in Botswana.
Separately, during those dates,  Reinhard Bonnke, known for nearly 40 years of Evangelistic & Healing ministry in Africa,  is holding a
"Bringing Good News to America" Gospel Crusade in Greensboro, NC. September 12th & 13th 2014  at 7PM.
The notice says " Special Holy Spirit Impartation Prayer from R. Bonnke and prayer for the sick each night".
 Reinhard  Bonnke  has sought God about America.
I heard him speak during a streamed live church service in Illinois   last year10/20/2013
here is the archived sermon  :
Keep looking upward with me  :)  Our Blessed Hope IS Coming ,Lynnette