Clay Cantrell (31 Aug 2014)
"Dimitru Duduman Dreams & Visions"

Readers -

Perhaps there are some readers of this site that are not familiar with a Romanian pastor named Dumitru Duduman. His testimony is interesting, but also difficult and sobering. He survived much torture and imprisonment in Romania due to his Bible smuggling. He worked with Richard Wurmbrand, Brother Andrew and others. He's living proof of a supernatural God at work in the fire.  

On the Hand of Help Ministry website you can find his testimony and a comprehensive list of his dreams and visions:


Dreams and Visions

I think they are all worth reading, whether you agree with or like them or not.

I think this prophecy from November the 8th, 1992 is of particular note as we face a world spinning into the apocalypse - especially note the last line of the prophecy:

Jesus is Lord.