Mike Curtiss (31 Aug 2013)
"Thanks Kevin, it's an Exciting Prophecy"


     The link you posted seems to have it all. The Lord has it all under His
perfect control. We need to make sure we are prepared spiritually and
we are prepared physically for what's about to come to pass.

    All of these issues are on the front burner and need to be dealt with by
people with the severity necessary to make moves and policy quickly.
That's why mankind's destined to fail upon his own.

    Japan's slowly sinking tons of plutonium into the Pacific. Today they
published an official request for international assistance, because the
situation has grown too difficult for Japan to handle. I repeat, Japan has
thrown up her hands and admitted they can't fix this two year old time
bomb. Had Japan & TEPCO admitted the extent of the issue in a timely
matter the Russians and the US would have appeared on the scene
immediately. Remember, they have the only practical experience with
nuclear reactor meltdowns. The US has the support structure needed to
help remove the reactors (4) and the spent fuel rods.
    My cousin is a nuclear engineer. As an employee of Commonwealth
Edison, he actually spent years on sight at Fukushima monitoring these same
reactors. Two months ago, he was extremely disturbed when I asked him about
the possibility of preventing an ever increasing disaster. I spoke with him before
these latest reports of an ongoing meltdown became known to the press.
    He says, this reactor complex in Japan is a case study in mankind's suicidal
arrogance. The place is literally put together with bailing wire and duct tape. He
gave me an example of one serious problem he saw in Fukushima  ten years
    Engineers were told to build concrete retaining walls around the core of the
reactor(s) to replace crumbling concrete and exposed rebar. The engineers agreed
to build & reinforce the reactor walls. However, when they began the project they
discovered that the entire area was so contaminated the job was impossible to
complete on budget. Instead of doing their jobs, these men covered up the entire
affair. No retaining walls were ever built.
    Fast forward to 2011, diagrams of the entire facility were spread across the crisis team intervention screen. Pictures provided by drones and vantage points above the reactor are assembled and placed upon nearby monitors. Nobody from TEPCO makes any comment about the plant diagrams, the empty photographs, or trouble reconciling the two images.
    Several weeks go by in the evolving disaster and the earthquake story slowly emerges. Questions about the damage, the radioactivity and the risk to the people of Japan is ignored and the company stonewalls everyone. TEPCO's scrambling to contain the damage, power to the pumps blah, blah, blah. They are desperate to the maintain their biggest lies. Months and months of obfuscation follow as the radioactivity continues to rise and the entire Northern Pacific is contaminated.
    The evidence however, was just too extensive to avoid. Everybody was puzzled and shocked at the lack of even stable primary systems. Cooling pumps, electrical connections, plumbing and reinforced concrete retaining walls marked upon the companies diagrams of the reactors were physically absent from the facility. The basic operating systems were only limping along before the earthquake struck. No matter how they viewed the photographs, the Fukushima facility does not resemble what the Japanese, or the NRC thought. Entire structural walls, physical plants and pumping systems are nowhere to be found. Apparently, they were contemplated, but never built.
    The entire Fukushima facility is far too dangerous for a modern operating nuclear reactor. As a proponent of nuclear energy, I was stunned to hear what a tightrope the human race is now walking. Unless something's done immediately mankind's
future is in jeopardy. It may already be too late for the largest ocean on the planet.
   Of course, as a follower of Jesus Christ I know what must soon come to pass. I'm both troubled and comforted by coming of wormwood. Remember, Sister's & Brother's this too shall pass.
    Please pray with me for international cooperation, Russian technical expertise and American project support to isolate, stabilize, remove and safely dispose of this nuclear power holocaust. This most urgent project will require a massive 15-20 year effort, at an estimated cost of 100 Billion dollars. Nothing like a five reactor meltdown situation has ever occurred before. We would like to stop the certainty of massive explosions when the nuclear material encounters seawater and plutonium gasses. We know at least two reactor containment vessels have been destroyed and that the radioactive material is migrating into the coastal aquifer of eastern Japan.
     I hope this blog has opened your eyes about what's really happening in Japan. I pray the civilized world comes running to help at Fukushima. Nevertheless, come Lord Jesus!

                                                     Agape Love,

                                                                  Michael Curtiss