Mike Curtiss (31 Aug 2013)
"Ancient Blood Moon Tetrads Linked to Dark Age Earthquakes, Fukushima and Upcoming November 3rd Eclipse; Wow?"


Hi Doves,

         It's hard trying to suppress my excitement, because I've discovered a big new clue
to people familiar with the importance of lunar eclipse tetrads specifically to Israel. Back
in the Dark Ages, an ongoing tetrad was taking place in 857AD. We also know
hundreds of thousands of people died in earthquakes/Tsunamis the Middle East.
        The link between earthquakes and blood moon tetrads has now been firmly established.
The clue that started my investigation was the revelation that the Fukushima nuclear disaster
is slowly ticking down to a new explosion and global nuclear pollution. Last week, the Japanese
and TEPCO finally came clean and called for international assistance.
        Looking at blood moons and what we already know about Fukushima, I discovered there
are big similarities between the date of the earthquake/tsunami of 03/11/11 and 11/03/13. This
date marks a new series of blood moons that counts down to September 17th 2015.
        Many Bible Prophecy experts here on Five Doves think this maybe part of the countdown
to the Second Advent. I'm not an expert and I need your help to figure out the importance of this new information. Thank you all, God Bless you all

                                                      Michael Curtiss