Mary Anna (31 Aug 2013)
"Middle East News"

Breaking News: Israel and Syria Need Urgent Prayer
for Escalating Crisis

Dear  Mary,

The need for prayer is urgent. The world community is outraged over the news of Syriašs WMD chemical weapons attack on its own people. World powers are moving swiftly to respond militarily against Syriašs Assad-led government. The Jerusalem Post reports that the US is carefully contemplating a military response and that Britain and France have drawn up plans to attack. Turkey has called for action and the Arab League demands Assad face justice for the genocide. Both Syria and Iran have threatened a retaliatory attack on Israel if any military action is taken against Syria by the West, claiming such action against Israel would be justified.   Chemical weapon attacks in Syria              Source: AP
The  Times of Israel reported today that Syria has begun evacuation of key security centers, taking seriously the overwhelming world response against them and the impending attacks on their military targets.
Two years of fighting in Syria have left more than 100,000 dead and nearly 2,000,000 refugees. The Syrian government has recently been winning on the battlefield, driving rebel forces out of cities they had previously captured. U.S. military action could reverse that balance of power once again, depending how long and how severe any strikes might prove to be.
The fear in Israel has long been that Syriašs WMD stockpiles might be captured by terrorists and then used against the Jewish civilian population. Reports indicate a massive rush as people try to find gas masks for their familiesŠespecially their children. The situation is critical and we must give urgent prayer to it. Attacks on Syria could come swiftly and if Syria and Iran follow through with their threats, Israel could face a deadly assault to which Prime Minister Netanyahu has gravely warned a certain and strong response.
    Tel Aviv gas mask distribution center       Source: AP
The need for our prayers and support of Israel and the Jewish People today is urgent. I want you to know how much I appreciate your love and help for my Jewish brothers and sisters. And I ask that you stand with us today with your financial gift so that we can continue to reach out and meet their needs in the love and name of Yeshua. God bless you for blessing the Jewish People.
To the Jew first and also to the Nations,
Jonathan Bernis

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