Jan J (31 Aug 2013)
"simply put:  "a letter""


Doves and John,
First of all, a heartfelt thanks to John for providing
this site for the Doves.  Your faithfulness in
keeping the letters going is commendable.
Someone mentioned the California quake
and feels it is soon:
I do online missionary serving, and have
had and having many Californians recommitting
their lives to the Lord and also some new
believers.  I tend to think that the Lord Jesus
is harvesting souls there, before the Big Quake.
Someone has said, "should the Christian's
goal be prosperity?"  The goal should be
to love and obey and abide in the Lord Jesus.
He blesses those who do this.  He also says,
"Seek first the kingdom of God, and His
righteousness and all these things shall be
added unto you."  There are verses that also
say to be satisfied with 'enough.'.....not too
much or too little.
When the number one focus isn't Jesus and
the Father, then satan can sneak in and
change priorities.
The Lord reassured me that the dream
I recently had did not mean I wasn't
ready for being at the marriage supper
of the Lamb, but that He is pleased that
I strive to be close to Him, to be sure
forgiveness is with everyone and about
everything, He's pleased that I study His
Word...usually each day, and want His will
for me.  This is all said minus "spiritual pride"..
which it may come across as...but if I say,
OH it's  in humility, then it isn't humility. It's truly
HIS grace that keeps me, and when I fall
and scrape my knees like a child...HE picks
me up, and then I am better.  We must
throw ourselves on His mercy and trust Him
Sometimes I believe God wants us to be more
like little children.........so simple, so trusting.
Such is the kingdom of heaven.
Yet our adult, complex minds, emotions,
and thoughts...strive to defeat that idea.
How do you simplify, slowing down...how do
you trust as a child....just believe Jesus is who
He says He is, and Loves us extremely much!!
He gives children laughter and joy.........
no worries....our Heavenly Father is in charge!
As we see our heavenly home is nearing,
may we with joy rise to meet our precious
Lord and ever be with Him!
I had to chuckle over the long words
in the Scrabble game.......warhead and
rapture!   What a clever way the Lord
presents His nearness to calling us!
Looking Up,
Jan  J