Frank Molver (31 Aug 2013)
"prophetic drawing re 9-6 US intervention in Syria?"

to see the progression of the understanding of the prophetic drawing re this go to this link
You know last week they were saying that they would respond to the gas attack in Syria as early as as thursday the 29th
I had a feeling they wouldn't and I wondered if Nicole Poon's drawing may indicate that date Sept 6
You see the American flag alone in a divided wilderness
Britain has abandoned and various factions seem to be shying away from confrontation because they know it could get out of hand
But if the US does not respond with something very soon they will lose more credibility

GM at the doves wrote this
and also referred to a Torah reading that refers to Samaria
Could this be the time when things get so out of hand that Syria will come down through the Yarmouk valley after attacking Samaria via missiles as in Dudumans vision?

"Looking at Nicole Poon’s “7/4, 9/6” sketch again, I noticed Frank Molver’s mention of the border. I had been looking at the way the numbers and the arrow/triangle overlapped the border. They are actually “on the border”. At the edge, if you will. Do these note a time frame, no pun intended?

Also, the border can represent the border of the United States, which appears to be shown completely devastated. Is this a time of attack from outsiders?

7/4, the fourth day of the seventh month on the Jewish civil calendar Tishrei 4 is September 8 (2013). Interpreting 9/6 as September 6; defines a period of three days. This year Sept. 6, 7, 8 are three special days on the Jewish calendar. Sept. 6 is the second day of Rosh Hashanah, celebrated outside of Israel. Sept. 7 is Shabbat Shuva. And Sept. 8 is Tzom Gedaliah, the fast of Gedaliah."