Frank Molver (31 Aug 2013)
"re refuge city, major economic down turn in a year"

There was a few articles listed at the doves recently that mentioned a city of refuge.
I happened upon one that mentioned a place where I live near in Washington State.
I have some Russian Christian friends up there who had moved there about 10 years ago because of a warning they received about living near Seattle
They have had several prophetic dreams re these days and the take over by the military
So I visited again
The word my friend got recently when he was laid off was that not to be upset
That the economy is going to become very difficult and it will happen within one year
He said he had several other confirmations and I guess I was one also
I had a warning to from a brief vision of a yet unborn grandchild
So the time frame seems to match
A relative also saw in a dream that many many people would fill his house
So this to me means that they were fleeing whatever was happening on the coast
I am not saying to panic
But I am saying get out of debt if possible
My Russian friend lived in similar difficult times in Russia
One day bread was one dollar, then a few days later is was 10 then a week later it was 100 dollars
So, it is that type of thing
It is best to ratchet down your living expenses now
I am not necessarily saying to store a bunch of food
But be prepared for a big down turn in the economy
We see the some of the things happening now that could expedite that
don't we?