Charles (31 Aug 2013)
"The jawbone of a donkey vision please read"


I got my haircut two days ago. Was at the dollar store yesterday saw a Sampson and Delilah story book. I was driving today wondering why I have not had any visions or revelations lately said it all I guess pick up the cross Jesus is coming.

I saw a vision in my mind. Is the bible this deep? Sampson slayed 185,000 Assyrians with a donkeys jawbone. The mouth so to speak! Which party in power has this symbol and so speaks?

Is all this poking a hornets nest with sticks to cause a chain reaction? I saw Sampson swinging his jawbone. Could this chain of events lead to retaliation against an innocent and stand off Israel and cause the modern day equivalent of Sampson swinging to occur leading to isaiah 17, psalm 83, and rapture. Could next Thursday Rosh hosanna be as randy said it?

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem!