Cap777 (31 Aug 2013)
"Another cooincidence? Really?"



Exciting times for Christians who are watching.. I was updating my desk calendar this morning and circled the dates September 4 and 5 for Rosh Hashanah and I noticed the “days remaining”  for 2013 printed on the calendar are 117 and 118.  For us who are “watching”, Psalms 117 and 118  seem very predictive of the potential “end of the Tribulation” and the start of the Millennium.  I would caution fellow “watchers” to not depend on current events to be a “trigger” for the coming Rapture.  It may be that the coming Rapture will be THE “trigger” for an all-out war over Israel.  Indeed, if Israel’s neighbors see an opportunity to attack during a time of “confusion and perceived weakness”, Israel’s only response may be immediate and overwhelming destruction…. ie Isa 17.