Will Schumacher (14 Aug 2012)
"RE  Spoely"


I think it makes perfect sense to believe Christ will fulfill all 3 fall feasts in a row, since that is the way the 3 spring feasts went.
However that would not preclude Him from returning FOT to get his bride.
There are so many idioms for FOT.
One thing I have often wondered since pentecost passing is this:
-many people have believed that Christ was born FOT -sept 2bc
-many people believe He was baptized on a fall feast day.  I used a date calculator and found out that FOT sept 29 ad to pentecost 33 ad was 1335 days-maybe he was baptized FOT or maybe it just marked his 30th birthday-when He could become a priest.
I guess what I am getting at is that Tishri 1 was the day that the kings of Israel and Judah were regularily enthroned.
Maybe Christ the King always comes to earth on Tishri 1-birth,rapture, 2nd coming.  God is always consistent.
Just a thought.
Will Schumacher