Stan Freeman (14 Aug 2012)
"Top Ten Patches of Prophecy"


     Hi Doves, this is my fortieth year to watch for Christ Jesus’ Return, and I’ve often been certain that I understood the meaning of a prophetic passage only to be amazed & humbled by how wrong I was.  


    At times, Bible prophecy reminds me of a patchwork quilt sewn together to make a finished work.  Here are my Top Ten Missing Patches of Prophecy in descending order—what’re yours?


10.  Is Planet X the Wormwood of Revelation 8: 10?         


  9.  What are the Seven Thunders?  


  8.  Who are the Two Witnesses?    


  7.  Will Satan & His Angels be cast out of Heaven before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ?

  6.  How many Raptures will occur before the Millennial Kingdom arrives?


  5.  Are we already in Daniel’s Seventieth Week?


  4.  Is the USA the Daughter of Babylon the Great?


  3.  How many years are in the Fig Tree Generation?


  2.  Will the Bride of Christ be on Earth during any part of the Great Tribulation period?


  1.  Who are the Antichrist Beast & False Prophet of Revelation?



     Doves, He is coming suddenly—let’s be ready!