Rowina (6 Aug 2012)
"I made an error in Saturday post about rabbis"


I made an error in my post of August 4, 2012.   I was talking about two of the well-known rabbis of Israel who have stated that the messiah will arrive very soon.

I said that Itzhak Kaduri believed the messiah could be expected in the month of Av, but that is mixing up what he said with the other
famous rabbi.  Rabbi Kaduri did not mention Av.  What he said was that the messiah would appear after Ariel Sharon died, and that he had met the messiah in a vision, and that the messiah's name was Yehoshua or Yeshua, which he wrote in an acronym on a piece of paper to be opened a year after his death.  he died in 2007.  Rabbi Schneerson, another famous haredi rabbi, had told Kaduri that he, Kaduri, would live to see the messiah.

Another rabbi, whose name I forget, stated that Torah Codes show that April 15, 2012, is a highly auspicious time for the messiah to return.
This is in the Hebrew month of Av for this year.

These rabbis do not speak about a rapture, but only of the arrival of the messiah.  But their tradition believes that the dead will rise when the messiah appears.  Rabbi Kaduri said that the Messiah is already in Israel and will be made known after Sharon passes away.  Sharon is still in a coma.

I wrote this because some have said that Rabbi Kaduri prophesied the rapture to come shortly after Sharon's death.  But he did not mention the word rapture in anything I have read.  He spoke only of the messiah arriving, and said he had seen the messiah in a vision.