Rowina (4 Aug 2012)
"What the rabbis really said about August"


Rabbi Kaduri, the one who died at an advanced age and gave the name of the messiah as Yeshua, said that the Jewish Redeemer would come in the month of Av.
He did not speak of a rapture.  He said the Redeemer would come after the death of Sharon.  We have not heard of the death of Sharon.

The more recent quote from another well-known rabbi, which was linked on Five Doves, stated that a probable time for the Redeemer to come was August 15.  This was
based on Torah Codes.  

Rabbi Kaduri said that he had seen the Messiah, and his name was Yeshua.  I presume this was in a vision.  But remember that Rabbi Kaduri thinks the Messiah
is already with us in the person of a man.  He does not expect humans to be "caught up" when the Messiah appears.  He does not expect him to come in the clouds.
The rapture is a foreign concept to him, as far as I have read.

So these rabbis are not expecting the rapture.  But the fact that they expect the coming of the messiah is very hopeful even to us.  They expect their dead to rise
when the messiah comes, and this is not well known outside of Jewish circles.  Many Christian pastors preach that the Jews do not believe in the resurrection.
This is incorrect.   Many Jews do expect a resurrection of the dead.   They probably believe it is their own dead, not our dead.
But one thing I have gradually learned about Jews is that they, like Christians, have varying opinions about this.  They have the "righteous gentiles" buried in Jerusalem,
like Otto Schindler, and some of them may believe the righteous gentiles are to be resurrected too.  

Just as I believe the righteous Jews, those who hoped for Messiah to come, will be resurrected to what Daniel called everlasting life.  They were blinded until He comes
and cannot yet see the complete good news about Yeshua.

May the complete revelation come soon to them.