Rowina (31 Aug 2012)
"To Frank M., my childhood dream of Mt. Rainier erupting, in brilliant color"


In reference to the Dane's prophecy of Rainier erupting, it reminded me of an early childhood dream I had.

I dreamed that Rainier was erupting, and I had to help my mother get to a boat along a "shore" to escape, which is
a way some of the people of Pompeii escaped from the eruption of Vesuvius, taking a boat across the bay.  This
dream, as I recounted it at the time, was in bright colors.  I remarked about it, because I said I had dreamed before
that night in black and white.  This does not make much sense, as I do not know why a person would dream in black
and white.  But I suppose the contrast of the bright colors of Mt. Rainier erupting where different than the greyer dreams
I had had before.  

However, I don't know if Rainier will erupt in that way when its time comes, as I believe it is predicted to have "lahars"
or mud flows down its sides rather than an upward explosive eruption.  The lahars could even come down the Green River
into Lake Washington.

I think I have told you how much I love Lake Washington, and how much I wish I were now living near it instead of in the desert.
But I know it is a dangerous place.  I believe you live there now, but you are trusting the Lord for whatever comes.  I have thought
of moving to an independent living place on Mercer Island.  It is almost at lake level, although not right on the lake.  The
pollution level is somewhat lower there than in the city of Seattle or in Bellevue or Issaquah, because Mercer Island is
in the middle of the lake.  However, it has the big Seattle-Issaquah earthquake fault within blocks of where I would be living.  I
used to own a home there, up the hill, but on a ravine near that fault.   I lived near Mercer Island HIgh School, where President
Obama's mother went to high school before her fateful move to Hawaii with her family.  I have felt sympathetic to Stanley Ann
Dunham because I knew so well many of the places she knew in Mercer Island, Bellevue, and Seattle.  

Well, anyway, there is a little dream a little girl had about a mountain, and wanting to help her mother escape what was coming.
There is no way that is a realistic dream, as getting to a boat from where we lived in Montlake wouldn't have been feasible,
to get to Puget Sound and a little boat, so the dream was not realistic, and I think the upward exploding Mountain is not realistic
either, but it was a vivid symbolic dream.  I wished then, and wish now, I could have saved my mother.