Richard D (31 Aug 2012)
"Rosh Hashana; USA No More!!!; Martial Law-By Kevin Mirasi"

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This was a presentation by Kevin Mirasi in the blog talk radio, the LORD'S Hour hosted by servant of the LORD Elvi Zapata on 27th August 2012 .

This is the 3rd time I'm talking on the LORD's hour radio show for the glory and honour of the LORD God Almighty (JEHOVAH,YAHWEH),The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit .

In this latest episode I talk about the Martial Law that I Was Shown by The LORD to be going to very imminently be implemented in the United States of America.

I Also share about the call to the people and the nation of Canada to Heed to the Call To Repentance

I also talk about what I was shown about Rosh Hashana (The Jewish Feasts of Trumpets)


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