Rene (14 Aug 2012)
"re: Lilly Star & Angels  ---- & Satan as Creator"

Lilly wrote (partial quote):
"Everyone should open their eyes. Maybe take a breath of fresh spiritual air in your lungs...stop focusing on this world and your day. Blessings-Lilly star."
  • My only reason for telling people not to ask to see angels is that some people ASSUME that anything that they see that is supernatural is GOOD and it may not be - they forget to TEST the spirits as the Bible commands us to! That is how Joseph Smith and others like him were deceived into believing the words of an "Angel of Light" that we are warned against. That is how people are DECEIVED into believing that a being of light who calls itself "The Lady of All Nations," and the "Queen of Heaven," and the "Immaculate Conception," and the "Lady of the Rosary", and the
    "Lady of Knock," etc, etc., ad nauseam, get lulled into IDOLATRY! That's how Shirley McClain was deceived into believing that she is a god. She fell for the SAME LIE that Adam and Eve fell for when Satan told them if they disobeyed God, they too would be AS GODS! Same old "bull" - yes - from the king of the CATTLE and the head of the reptiles, and the father of LIES!!! 
    And as far as taking a breath of fresh spiritual air into your lungs, every breath we breathe comes from God, and when we have the Holy spirit dwelling in us, we do have "spiritual air"! That does not mean we are "air heads" either! Also, just because I am warning people about not asking to see angels does not mean I am focused ONLY on this world and my day. Obviously you have not read many posts on this site or you would know that most of us here are NOT focused mostly on this world - we are awaiting the Blessed Hope - the rapture!
  • AND --- As for Satan being a "creator" and making his own people? Well, he's already been a half-way creator, but he never could outdo God, all he ever does is COPY God. He is the Cherub that covered the throne and he had the face of an oX, that's why people into BAAL worship have a calf or COW with HORNS (oX) that they worship. He copies God - you could call the antichrist a xerOX copy. He comes promising Peace (pAX in Latin) and that 'ol spotted leopard lynX will taX you until you are banrupt, jinX you, heX you, veX you, and then aX off your head into a bOX if you don't bow before this fauX reX IMAGE and send you to the river of death (styX)! (Ever study words that end in X?)
Didn't you read back in Genesis about those angels that co-habited with men and chose women to intermingle with and the women bore children to them - children who were mighty men of old? They were cursed because they left their first estate and did something that was forbidden by God. Well, he is STILL at it. Why do you think God drowned them out? Well, Satan has brought them back again (yes, they're Baaaa--kk-kk!) and they are mutilating cattle out West and abducting women and impregnating them to this day. They are VERY interested in blood and in the genitals of animals and humans - why? because they are trying to make their own race of people -- and they need BLOOD to do it - water and blood, sperm and ovum!  i.e. one of the WORST sins against God by the people who inhabited the wilderness that the Israelites traveled in during their 40 years of wandering was BESTIALITY! What did God tell his people about them?? To destroy every one of them and not even leave the animals alive. God had a reason for doing that. He wasn't being cruel - He was being MERCIFUL! Yep - Satan is in full swing putting together a race of mongrels and he has been getting this generation ready to accept them as "cute and cuddly!" All you have to do is watch the kid's Saturday morning cartoons, the action games, and the comic books and anyone can figure that out, along with movies like E.T. (where a horrible little monster was made to look all cuddly and lovable and cutesy!) They will be part of the big LIE that will deceive the whole world and they will implement the Mark of the Beast. They will come at a dark moment in history to promote themselves as our "saviours". They are already telling many people swept up in the New Age movement that they are coming back to save us from ourselves! Uh-huh, yeah, RIGHT! And about 90% of those left behind will soak up their every word, take the mark, WORSHIP THEM, and consign their eternal souls to the Lake of Fire forever!
Oh, and YES, God does have a sense of humor. That's where we got ours from. That's how a 6 month old baby knows how to laugh. God PUT that sense of humor in them!