Paul N. F. (30 Aug 2012)
"Life's Greatest Honor: Following Christ's Call"

       Life's Greatest Honor: Following Christ's Call

                               By A. W. Tozer

    Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him,
     and given him a name which is above every name.
                                                         Philippians 2:9

       The humblest man who heeds the call to follow Christ
     has an honor far above that given to any king or
     potentate, for the nations of the earth can bestow only
     such honor as they possess, while the honor of Christ is
     supreme over all.  God has given Him a name that is
     above every name!

       This being true and being known to the heavenly
     intelligences, the methods we use to persuade men to
     follow Christ must seem to them extremely illogical if
     not downright wrong.

        Evangelical Christians commonly offer Christ to
     mankind as a nostrum to cure their ills, a way out of
     their troubles, a quick and easy means to the achieve-
     ment of their personal ends. The message is often so
     presented as to leave the hearer with the impression
     that he is being asked to give up much to gain more.
     And that is not good, however well intentioned it may be!

        We are not called to be salesmen, pointing out the
     good things that will accrue if the right choice is made.
     No one can come to Christ with the idea of selfish gain
     in the transaction.

        Salvation comes not by "accepting the finished work"
     or "deciding for Christ."

      It comes by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, the whole,
     living, victorious Lord who, as God and man, fought our
     fight and won it, accepted our debt as His own and paid it,
     took our sins and died under them and rose again to set
     us free.  This is the true Christ, and nothing less will do!

     Yours in Christ,

     Paul N. F.