Neil Lipken (27 Aug 2012)
"DON'T MESS WITH ISRAEL--------another lesson about to be learned?"

In late August of 2005, George W. Bush was putting intense pressure on then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to get the Israeli settlers out of the Gaza Strip.  Israel reluctantly complied, yet this was land that is promised to Israel in the Bible.  At that time a small tropical storm with 55 mph winds was cruising through the Bahamas, and looked like it was going to skim the eastern coast of the U.S.  This tropical storm (named Katrina) suddenly turned west through the southern tip of Florida and emerged in the Gulf of Mexico.  The rest is history!  Yes, Israel was forced by the U.S. to evacuate the Gaza Strip.  God then forced the U.S. to evacuate New Orleans!

Is a repeat of this about to happen?  I have seen a number of articles recently (last week or two) that Obama is applying intense pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu NOT to attack Iran until after the November U.S. election.  Israel will move when they have to move, but again the U.S. is applying great pressure on Israel.  And again a small tropical storm (this time with a nice Jewish name, Isaac) has been cruising along the east coast of Cuba, and just made a left turn into the Gulf of Mexico.  It has been reported in the last several hours that it is taking aim at New Orleans, and is predicted to arrive at somewhere around New Orleans on Wednesday, exactly 7 years to the very day that Katrina arrived!  Is God sending yet another message to America not to mess with Israel?!  We will find out very soon!!!