Marcia McCaslin (28 Aug 2012)
"From Bill Koenig"

This came to me 'out of the blue' last night. I did not subscribe, but I am really concerned.  I, too, am one who feels like the devastating storms are being sent from God in response to our continual efforts to make Israel divide into two states. However, I cannot drum up any interest at all from friends and relatives. What do we do on this election?

In Jesus
Marcia McCaslin

Dear Marcia,
There were two major record-setting, billion-dollar hurricanes at the time of the 2004 (Frances) and 2008 (Gustav) Republican Conventions. They literally became the main news stories up to and during the Republican Convention.

Tropical Storm Isaac, soon to be Hurricane Isaac, has disrupted the 2012 Republican Convention.


On Tuesday, August 21, the Republican platform committee voted to add the "two-state" position pertaining to Israel's land for formal approval at the convention; this was the same day Isaac formed as a tropical depression. 
For detailed information on these events and corresponding activities please click here.