Jimmy Lishman (27 Aug 2012)
"Messing with Israel does not go unpunished - even counties outside of the US are not exempt"

Hi Doves,

This time Genesis 13:3 becomes applicable to South Africa

The South African Department of trade and Industry placed a ban on Products marked as Made in Israel, and foolishly try to enforce the product of Palestine or “occupied territories” labels on imports from Israel.

Platinum is mined extensively in Rustenburg/Marikana area in South Africa and is a major export of South Africa, earning millions for the country.

It is therefore not strange that a large group of mineworkers from the platinum mines went on a satanically inspired rampage (by their sangomas (shamans)) and has now cost the country millions in suspended production AND internationally ruined the integrity of the democracy, highlighting the rampant exploitation of workers as well as exposing their own curbs on the police force on enforcing the word of law in the country. It is in the hand of the LORD to use either weather or the flood of demons running around doing satans will at the onset of the Tribulation period.

This is indeed a reflection of messing with the apple of GOD’s eye – and another watch is definitely Hurricane Isaac on the two state declaration that is to be announced on the Republican Conference in Florida.

When will they learn – not this side of the nearing Tribulation

Blessings in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST