Jean Stepnoski (14 Aug 2012)
"The Image of A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes: Reply For James S."


Dear James and Doves,
      The towering BLOOD red bird above the caldera in the Closing ceremonies of the Games appears to be a phoenix rather than an eagle. In nature, a caldera is a large volcanic crater. The bird image rose above the flames, fire, smoke, and ashes below it. The shape of the main venue stadium resembles a caldron (cauldron) without a lid.  Each of these words describes "a situation characterized by instability and strong emotions"  and adds to the quality of the occult, of magic. A premier symbol of the nwo is "the phoenix rising from the ashes" rather than an eagle or any other bird. Check the resemblance to the black phoenix image on the floor during Madonna's show at the most recent Super Bowl. They appear similar. Black is a color associated with death. Red is a color associated with blood. White is the color associated with the redeemed, the saints wear clean WHITE linen.
      Some of the phrases in BOLD LARGEST PRINT on the floor during the Closing Ceremonies were the following: "to be or not to be" and "the rest is silence" and "rage, rage, against the dying of the light." Might anything unwholesome be associated with a cauldron? A dispersent? Come Christ The Lord!
With Love and Shalom,