Gerlinda (1 Aug 2012)
"Why there is no hope; why I seek the Rapture"

Dear Doves,
We here at Doves and other Rapture Watch forums know about the attacks that will come upon this land by Russia, China, N.Korea, Iran and other Middle East Forces plus those south of our border and most of us know why.  So many citizens of this land are so blind to their own government faults and so engrossed in their "Cushy life-styles" that they can not even comprehend that this may be sooner than later; in fact already upon us.  They can't even imagine that the instigator of all that has transpired since the beginning of this century has been the New World Order plan done in earnest to get our presence as the "Hammer of the Whole Earth"  (Jeremiah 50:23) into the Middle East.  They do not even comprehend the out of this world technology being used to get total world control and to decrease the population of this Old Order.  One major weapon has been the weather modification program that is the result of major drought right here in our own Bread Basket.  Hey! There is always Walmart, right?  Let's just go shopping this week-end.  People wonder why that the word America is not used in the Bible.  How about expanding your God-given brain and see the perfect description of this Greatest of Powers in the End Days and realize who it is and go ahead and read all of Jeremiah 50 and back to verse 23, you will see that this Hammer will be cut off and broken.  We have queers demonstrating with their sickening life-style on the streets just as David Wilkerson told so long ago that he was shown.  This coming Friday evening,  homosexuals will be coming out to Chick Fil A in an open stance and protest against the company for their stance against gay marriage as Renee M. reported.  How long will a Holy God allow this Hammer once used in His Hand for His Glory to continue before He will cut it of and break it completely?  It is here, friends, His Hand is raised up against this nation.
There is a price to pay for man's inhumanity to man and Our Heavenly Father is letting them continue for a very, very short while more.  But, we who know that the Master of this plan is about to descend and we have the Blessed Hope of being taken out from His Wrath that is to come, are so eagerly awaiting this event.  Praise God for that.  Those that are able yet unwillingly to accept this "Catching Away" are doomed to the final result of all the signs of the earth falling to pieces. Those are those family and friends who mock us now.  Boy, oh, boy, will they rue the day that they flung their words of hate and spite instead of shutting their own mouths and opening their ears to hear what the Spirit was trying to tell them.  Two people on this forum (Charles & Nichole) have so often put into words what the rest of us are also enduring. 
This is one report that I feel led to send on by Sorcha Faal.  Why?  Because what is reported is so plainly obvious that in the reading, it shows the immensity of why the rivers fail to bring fresh water, why the land can no longer feed it's people and animals, birds are disappearing and the Beasts of the field and water are attacking man-kind in search of flesh and blood for themselves.   There is NO HOPE but in Him Who Paid His Life's Blood to set us free, our Redeemer Yahusha HaMashiac.  Thank You all for the enormous wealth of information being reported....especially now as the time draws closer, gerlinda

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