Gail (31 Aug 2012)
"After NAM comes New Madrid, and Syria serves as the trigger"

Syria’s neighbors braced for chemical threat 08.17.12
Iran starts NAM summit under UN nuclear scrutiny 08.30.12
The two-day forum with a total of 29 heads of state or government officials in attendance, Tehran Iran.
The two words heard by Minister John Kilpatrick when he received the vision of the New Madrid earthquake were 'Wind & Water.' 
Isaac continues moving very slowly, the storm will continue to produce excessive flooding rainfall, isolated tornadoes, & gusty winds.
Sept. 4-6 Democratic Convention, Charlotte North Carolina
I think just like the Republican National Convention got watered down thanks to Hurricane Isaac, the Democrats are in for their own wake-up call.
In my view it will be a Nuclear Mishap.
Probably involving Surry Va's Nuclear Station, because it's close proximity to Hamptonroads.  

The Hampton Roads area is home to one of the U.S.’s largest concentrations of military personnel.

Major military units and headquarters include NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, U.S. Joint Forces Command, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command.

Major military installations in the area include Naval Station Norfolk (the world’s largest naval base), Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Naval Air Station Oceana (including Dam Neck Annex), Langley Air Force Base, Fort Story, Fort Monroe, Fort Eustis, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and Yorktown Naval Weapons Station. 

a rare image: Latest Earthquakes
                                  in the USA - Last 7 days shows August
                                  23, 2011 earthquake
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