Frank R Molver (31 Aug 2012)
"381 in 1, persecution for nonconformation, prophetic sketches"

These are prophetic sketches from Nicole
I think they fit with the post re Neil Lipkin's word
Below is a soldier with a mask on and 381 on his back inside a 1
So I googled 381
It had to do with Rome and the Nicene Creed agreement that year 381
So, is this a sketch of war that will bring Rome back into power?
Will they force all religions to conform to 1
Is this the start of the new religion, started by war
Followed by persecution?
What do you think 381 means?
29 August 2012/
I prayed for those who were unsaved and ill,God showed one wearing a helmet and a transparent eye mask and covering his mouth with a handkerchief,his back was with the number 381 in a "1".After seeing that,I asked God for the meaning,but no answer.
Next you see a hatchet chopping away at some lines
Does this represent chopping away at the web that satan is weaving around us?
28 August 2012/
I still remembered my cat in my prayer,God showed one's hand holding a axe among the complex lines
Next you see Satan hanging upside down on the web juggling 7 balls
Does this represent mocking Christians caught in his trap?
30 August 2012/
I prayed for many and still prayed for those who unsaved and ill,but this vision seemed to be irrelevant to my prayer,my friend said this appeared before my prayer.God showed a clown playing the acrobatics upside down.
Next you see eight balls being cast down from satan
Is this satan's eight ball in the corner pocket?
His last shot which he has to call?
Eight also represents Jesus
Could this mean he will use God's word against us.
Remember he did that when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness
We must know God's word
Communists will do this when they try to break Christians, use God's word against them.
We can't be slack Christians or we may cave.
30 August 2012/
This vision was still not related to my prayer,God showed the clown throwing the ball with number 8 on it.After seeing that,I asked God for the meaning,but there was not any answer
Lastly we see a strange scene, not sure what it means
Some of us have settled for a relic of Christianity where he is really not the head
If he is the head then the rewards are there, the gifts and blessings.
Sadness would mean rejection of his blessings for an Icon, a religious mask instead.
That's what I think anyway.
28 August 2012/
I still mentioned my cat,but this vision seemed was irrelevant to my prayer.God showed a woonden pot with a unhappy face on it,and a half of crown,this pot was full of treasures.It is so strange.