Frank Molver (14 Aug 2012)
"Jovial re Obama not AC?"


Thanks for replying to my letter.
From a scriptural standpoint you seem to be right.
But it is not intellectually discerned, it is spiritually discerned.
The reason it is such an enigma and many people are caught off guard is because it is unlikely.
It is not about figuring out the name as 666
It is about seeing beyond the surface.
God will show you the inside beyond the surface, and it may catch you by surprise, if you will listen.
Like the letter I sent prior to this, you watch what Obama does
Watch what Obama morphs into, he will not be the same Obama.
There are numerous people throughout the world whom God has revealed that too.
The number keeps growing
That is because he wants us not to be caught surprised.
Obama will bring persecution to the Christians
He will use the Health care mandatory ID, chip to pressure that.
You say that was deleted, yes it was, but only temporarily.
He is setting that up now and will destroy his opposition with his clever tactics
He will cause division intentionally
Christians will be the ones blamed, he hates them.
You will see that.