Donna Danna (2 Aug 2012)
"Association of Episcopal Musicians Gathering Features Drag Queen, Mocks Gospel Hymns"

(Below is an example of the modern day apostate Laodicean church which our Lord Jesus Christ will spew out of his mouth unless they repent.)
PHILADELPHIA: Association of Episcopal Musicians Gathering Features Drag Queen, Mocks Gospel Hymns
A gathering of nationally recognized Episcopal organists met for a series of concerts Philadelphia area churches recently under the title Blessed Liberty: Honoring Our Past and Imagining Our Future. The occasion featured "Ramona" a drag queen, a gift of $10,000 from PA Bishop Charles E. Bennison to underwrite the "Clergy Day expenses, and a disastrous Panel Discussion. The events caused some 70 clergy and musicians to walk out in disgust.

The Association's Journal in review of the daily events described "Ramona" as the "First Lady of the Hammond". (See foto) Reports from the floor of the Exhibit hall described "Ramona" as "she" held forth on a Hammond Organ leading those gathered in a mockery of gospel hymns including "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms," "[There is] Power in the Blood," and "Wonderful Grace of Jesus".

"I was appalled at what I saw," said an organist who asked not to be named. "I could not stay to the bitter end."
On Wednesday, Clergy Day, which PA Bishop Charles Bennison underwrote, Ana Hernandez, an alumnus of the Center for Emerging Visual Arts in Philadelphia, proceeded to lead the conference in "sacred chant" - in bare feet at Holy Trinity Rittenhouse Square, which appalled many. As Ms. Hernandez's own book and website makes clear - her concept of sacred chant is a strange New Age mix of Hindu and Buddhist chant and philosophy intermingled with Christianity.
The conference preacher, Bishop Paul Marshall (Diocese of Bethlehem), in his Monday sermon went so far as to suggest that belief or unbelief in the historic Creeds of the Church Catholic might be optional for Christians.
Later at the closing banquet at Philadelphia's prestigious Union League club, men were seen dancing with men which speaks to the level of depravity to which the parish leadership within the Episcopal Church have fallen.