Coulby Dunn (31 Aug 2012)
"What a Trauma Nurse sees when her patients take their last breath !"


If you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior....NOW IS THE TIME!

Please, seek Him out in prayer and He will hear you!  Read the Bible!

Blessings to you and your family, 



For those that know me
i was not born in Australia or did i even imagine i would find myself in 2010 living here
let alone sharing the gospel with this intensity  .. i will make my story short
i was a truma level 1 nurse for 15 years and lost my job due to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying muslim man . ON a happier note he accepted Jesus Christ as savior
and the family turned me in for so called "pursuading" him to Christiantity
I would never imagined myself retired from Nursing i loved takiing care of people espically when you're working in Level 1 trauma you get more of a chance to share the Lord with those who are hurting or dying.
these are life flight patients , and patients that are Critical life threatening situations , and i have seen them all from motorcyle wrecks to car wrecks to gang shootings to overdoses
In that time i have been blessed to share God's love and the hope for salvation
what i have to say might be a little intense but i wanted to use this as a Testimony to those who come across curious whether there is a hell or heaven
Personally i have witnessed both types of people dying.  Some were in pain and even  though in pain there was this PEACE that filled the room , and they knew Jesus as savior. They may have struggled physically (with the body at last moments and this is normal  but they took their last breath and i saw peace on their faces .
Now for the ugly and very sad part of being a nurse
i have seen people that have REFUSED JESUS CHRIST to the last breath some, left screaming and in such fear they just would yell "help me " and the heaviness that surrounds the room where that person is NOT saved is like a black cloud that lingers and stands in a corner to WAIT ... till they take their last breath on Earth
I am not here to sugar coat what happens to those who do not accept Jesus as savior before death.
i have seen them clutching at bed sheets , cursing at the top of their lungs ,  the fear was so bad some days it would linger in the back of my mind what i saw, and it was not pretty
why are you wondering why i shared this with you ??
if you could see what i have seen personally with the saved and unsaved and their countenance on their faces maybe then you would share the Gospel more , take time out to pass a tract or two , or even invite a neighbor to church .
What people don't realize is there is a Spiritual battle taking place and it's up to us to SHARE with as many Jesus as we can
how will they know if you don't talk to them ?
i know some are uncomfortable with getting ridiculed or turned downbut remember Jesus was laughed at too and they turned away from him also .
We are HIS mouthpiece and his feet and hands we are the Church
remember the next person you pass by in that store or work place, their next breath might be their last
and you might have been the last one to share the GOOD news
ETERNAL LIFE in Jesus Christ
God Bless You