Connie (31 Aug 2012)


Hi,   I have never posted before but I have read 5 Doves since the fall of 2008, everyday.  I have had a couple of prophetic dreams in the past that were fulfilled, to every detail including the clothes we were wearing. (they were personal).  In the early morning hours of sleep on August 22, I had a very clear, to the point dream that I felt led to share with you.
   I was looking at a piece of paper and it had a digital counter on it, the stockmarket numbers.  It was quickly trending down and when it reached the mid 7400 range, I said to my husband, "do you see what is happening with the stockmarket?"  He replied, "oh don't worry, it always fluctuates, it'll go back up."  The counter then increased by 289 points.  Then he said, "see, I told you it would go back up."  Right away it then started going back down and kept going until it reached 0.    In my dream I asked some questions of someone who I did not see.   I said. "What does this mean?"   I was told, "it means that every publicly traded company is now bankrupt and all personal accounts are wiped out, including 401K's and 403'B's etc.    I asked, "how will people react?"   I was told, "whoever has their treasure stored on earth will be greatly affected."   The voice then said, "in 1 hour the destruction came."  
Decernment as always.  God Bless You.
That was all of the dream.