Bruce Baber (1 Aug 2012)
"The Reign of Terror 1793-1794... a reflection of what the future holds"


The French revolution launched what is now called the Reign of Terror. Some of the French revolutionaries were probably insane.  Their cry was “Reason! Reason!” but their actions didn’t reflect anything of the sort.  One of the craziest was their attempt to change the calendar.  They made the week 10 days long. The first day of the year started on September 22nd.  They changed the names of the days and months.  They were even considering changing all the clocks so that there would be 100,000 seconds in a day. It was so mixed up and confusing to everyone that Napoleon had to change it back.


On a more somber note, tens of thousands were murdered in the madness.  Over 16,000 executions were made through the use of the guillotine. Frequent use of the guillotine should have subdued the populace, but instead they partied.  Women would wear red ribbons around their necks to simulate a beheading as they dancedDrinks were served on trays pillaged from churches.  Bibles were gathered up and the pages used to make cartridge shells.  Clergymen were told that they worked for the state.


To get a view of the future, we only have to look back to the past.



Bruce Baber