Arlene (2 Aug 2012)
"Connecting some of the dots for interested Doves...."

There have been so many great postings in the last couple of days.....awesome!  Some of these brought to my mind a video I watched recently by Rob Skiba that just seemed to connect many dots for me concerning these last days.  These include the "giant baby" at the Olympics, 2012, Angels at the River Euphrates, UFOs, Gabriel, the "days of Noah," the Book of Enoch, and many other things including "lying signs and wonders"....II Thess.2:9.

Matthew 10:26 tells us that there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed....

This video is a bit longer than I would usually watch, but it is well worth the time it takes....right down to the last minute.  There are many other fascinating videos in the side li! nks for those interested.  David Flynn, who was one of my heroes and recently passed on to be with our Lord, gave some great information in his book "Temple at the Center of Time."  And this video connects much of his work to what is happening in these last days as well.