Steven Edel (2 Aug 2011)
"Fast forward - Satan's seat today ..."


The Great Alter of Zeus


There is a cryptic reference to satan in Revelation 2:13, which demands our attention…


Jesus had John to pass along one of His prophetic letters to Pergamos (also referred to as Pergamum), in which He says: “I know thy works, and where you dwell, even where satan’s seat is.”


While commending the Christians at Pergamos for their faithfulness in trying times, Jesus plainly states that the Great Alter to Zeus at Pergamos was the “seat” or throne of satan.


It was built in the second-century BC, not as a temple, but as an open-air alter.


Eumenes II, king of Pergamos, was probably the one who built it. He was the person who appointed Antiochus IV Epiphanes as king of the Seleucid Syrian Empire.

Antiochus IV went to Pergamos and worshiped at the Alter of Zeus.


I recently read an article by El Gallo, whom I have to admit, I had never heard of before. He caused me to become fired up with an interesting history about the Alter of Zeus, part of which I would like to pass along to you...


Gallo wrote:

“Eumenes was a mentor to none other than Antiochus IV Epiphanes; yes, the very Selucid king who committed the first “abomination of desolation” by erecting a statue of Zeus in the Temple and slaying a pig on the alter - in honor of Zeus.”




Fast forward about 2000 years...


“The German archeologists are in Pergamum. They approach the Muslim Ottoman rulers with a proposal to buy this old pagan alter to Zeus, and move it to – Berlin. They moved the entire edifice to Berlin, where they built a massive museum in the 1880’s, and restored the alter. It became quite famous and an icon of Greek architecture, recognized by ‘educated’ people around the world.”


Fast forward again about 50 years...


“A young Austrian art aficionado named Adolf Hitler must have been especially enamored of it…


He built an outdoor replica from which he gave a series of mesmerizing speeches to the assembled masses. It was a coming out party of a sort, where the world realized this was no ordinary politician. He seemed imbued with an almost hypnotic ability to say nothing in particular, but in a way which enraptured the youth.


And he did it while speaking from Berlin’s most famous ancient museum piece: The Great Alter of Pergamum, a.k.a. – The alter of Zeus a.k.a. – the throne of Satan.”

The hillside in Pergamum where the Altar of Zeus was originally located.



Fast forward about another 75 years...


“Another charismatic young politician mesmerizes huge German crowds with a rousing speech in Berlin.


Barack Hussein Obama does something no American presidential candidate has ever done, which is give a major foreign policy speech abroad.


Adoring youthful crowds, representing much of Europe, listen raptly as he says, well - nothing. But he does it so well.”


An announcer on German television said: “You have just heard from the next President of the United States of America, and the future President of the world.”


So did Barack Hussein Obama visit the Museum of the Great Alter of Zeus in Berlin while he was there? You bet he did.


Following this unprecedented visit Barack Hussein Obama came back to the U.S. to nail down the Democratic nomination in Denver, Colorado.


There he made a bold, and some would say arrogant, decision to accept his party’s nomination in a massive football stadium, hoping to fill it up with 100,000 fans. The numbers were unprecedented for an American political speech – except for him. This young rock star politician seemed able to conjure up crowds that size at will.


However, even his staunch supporters felt uneasy that the stage he demanded to speak from was rather un-American and pretentious.


He wanted to give a speech from a replica of a Greek building – The Great Alter of Zeus!


Denver Stadium and the Replica of “ The Altar of Zeus” , “ Satan’s Seat”


As photos of its construction spread around the Internet, a Christian author Joel Richardson gained some instant notoriety across the Internet by demonstrating that this building was a dead ringer for the Great Alter of Zeus that once stood above the city of Pergamum.


The Obama people made some weak excuses that it represented the U.S. Capital and White House West Wing combined. But expert scholars agreed with Richardson; it was a replica of the Great Alter of Pergamum.



So ... curiously, B. Hussein Obama chose to deliver his rousing political coming-out speech to the assembled, mostly youthful, masses from a replica of the throne of satan, just like Adolf Hitler had done decades before



“And I Beheld another Beast … Out of the Earth”


What this information does, is fully “reveal” the man we call Barack Hussein Obama, and lay bare the fact he is “not” who he seems to be, but is “someone” who has been ‘bred, raised and packaged ’, for a “unique purpose” by those and by the “one” for whom he is in “service”.


This is his “day”, his “hour”, his “moment”. And “nothing” will stop him from completing the “task given unto him”.


The hourglass has been turned. As the sand speedily passes through counting the moments, we are reminded time is short.


“He” is coming, and he is here.

It is written! The sands of the hourglass are running out. As we shine light into darkness, and expose what has been hidden, let

us see who Barack Hussein Obama really is, and that of his ‘appointed task’, along with other things of great interest “hidden in plain sight”.


Let us start with Revelation Chapter 2, verse 12-13:


Satan’s Seat

12 “And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write: These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges;

13 I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan ‘s seat is…”


Pergamos was the site of the “Altar of Zeus”. More aptly said, the “Throne of Zeus”. Zeus in Greek mythology bears the same title in Rome as Jupiter, and he was king of the gods, having overthrown his father Saturn, also know as Cronos, in the “Battle of the Giants.”

High on a hilltop overlooking the city of Pergamos was this altar to Zeus, which bore life sized ‘frescos’ carved in stone around the entire base of the building, depicting the great battle of the “Titans and the Olympians.”


The “Battle of the Giants” as the story goes wherein Jupiter, or “Zeus”, became the king of the gods. Therefore, the temple of Zeus was there in Pergamos just as the Bible foretold, with its long curving front porch, carved frescos round about and Greek colonnaded design.


It was considered in its time ‘one of the seven wonders’ of the ancient world, and was highly regarded as one of the most popular places in the Greek empire.


The actual Altar of Zeus is in Berlin Germany, Seat of Satan.

 In the above verses, God calls Zeus, “Satan” and his throne/altar a “seat”. This is well known by most bible believers.



But what is not well known is Satan also had a “chariot”. And his “charioteer” was none other than “Victoria”, also known as “The Goddess of Victory”. (photo above)


As an aside note, in the 1880’s, archeologists removed the “altar” from Pergamos and painstakingly reassembled it in Berlin where it is now today in a special museum built to ‘encapsulate it’ for display and preservation.


Satan’s Chariot driver Victoria, aka “Nike”


A statue of “Victory” stands high atop a Grecian spire which is very reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian obelisks.

Now what is fascinating is when Barack Obama went to Berlin and gave his speech on ‘foreign policy’.


Before he became the alleged President of the United States in the summer in 2008, he stood beneath this statue of “Victoria” and spoke to the tremendous crowds assembled there.


Now this is where things start to get interesting…


The Spire of Victoria


He did not ‘directly face the crowds’ while giving his speech, but instead, made it a point to stand to the ‘left of the crowd’, having them to his ‘right’.

By doing this he had positioned himself to face directly toward, and address, the Museum in Berlin where the “Altar of Zeus” is
now located, while at the same moment standing beneath Satan’s Charioteer “Victoria”…


Barack Obama beneath the Spire of “Victoria”


 “Victoria”, while driving Satan’s “Chariot”, can be found in all her glory, high above the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Germany.

Here she is displayed majestically, in total command and mastery of Satan’s personal chariot, while driving forward his mighty steeds of ‘renown’ … the “Four Horses of the Apocalypse.”


“Victoria” (NIKE) in Satan’s/ Zeus’ Chariot and driving the Four Horses of the Apocalypse


Additionally notice, that “Victoria” has the “wings of an angel”, she is a “fallen angel”, and she is the Master of Zeus’ (Satan’s) Chariot.

Take a good look at all these photos, for an incredible point is being made, and it is “The Key” to what shall soon be unlocked. Who this man is and what work he is about will become very clear. Remember he is “being packaged”, to your destruction.


It is of interest to note, that in Revelation chapter 2, Jesus speaks of Zeus who is “Satan”.

Then in chapter 6, John makes mention of the “Four Horses” which signify here as being Satan’s steeds.

As we go on to chapter 9, John tells us the Greek Titan King “Apollo” who is the “son of Zeus” is none other than “Satan’s son” ; the “Son of Perdition”, the “Serpent’s Seed”.




So let’s quickly recap…

Barack Obama stood beneath the spire of the fallen angel “Victoria, Satan’s chariot driver”, and purposely faced and addressed the ancient “Altar of Zeus” (Satan’s Throne). But why?


Because, the German authorities would not allow Barack Obama access to the “Chariot Driver of Zeus” over the Brandenburg Gate … where he truly desired this speech/ritual to take place. Therefore, he had to make due, and use the ‘next best thing’, the “spire of Victoria” while facing the “Altar”.


Satan’s Chariot driver Victoria, aka “Nike”


Questions start to form in one’s mind. Why the obvious ritual?


He was required to give of an answer for past favors given and debt now due.


Barack Obama found himself at a final crossroad, and the time was now. Through esoteric gesture, and dark sentences spoken, there the bargain was sealed by public declaration.


“Esoteric Masonic Hand Gesture”,

“B” for Barack (a two fold representation of the man and the horse),

13 Blood Roses,

The White Arabian horse Thunder/ Barack in background which Mohammed allegedly rode from Jerusalem.



Of course, the oblivious U.S. media had no idea, and wrote Richardson off as a nut – as their anointed hero – a man certain people across the United States were openly calling a messiah, or at least an anti-messiah, hurtled toward his date with destiny.



Unfortunately, that destiny includes you and me...



Palm Harbor, FLA