Luis Vega (16 Aug 2011)


  Is Abraham’s birth-date related to Israel’s re-birth & the
  Presentation of the Bride?
  For he (Abraham) was looking forward to The City [New Jerusalem] with
  foundations, whose Architect & Builder is GOD. Hebrews 11:10
  In sharing a short study on Abraham; (see chart below), my current
  studies keep coming up with the year 1948 and 2011 in relation to some
  equations and reference dates. Your discernment is asked as I present
  this for your review. I realize that there are alternate views on the
  Birth of Abraham & just when the Exodus happened and Creation for that
  matter and I am not trying to date-set or am alluding that 2011is the
  Rapture; but just a correlation possibly. I have also transposed the
  Land Grand of Israel promised to Abraham by God, from River to River
  and his journey plotted. The Rivers are portrayed in modern Israel’s
  map along with the Star of David. There are studies that show that it
  is not actually of Hebrew origins nor of David himself. Also there are
  some charts as to the genealogy of Christ from Abraham’s bloodline etc.
  - I am choosing and using 1948 BC then as the year-marker according to
  the Masoretic Bible
  - Given this date, all other date/events are extrapolated from that
  reference point
  - I am also subscribing to a 6000 Creation calendar count alone side
  the Gregorian modern one
  - I am using the 365 day Gregorian modern year count for the timeline
  I want to bring out several points to your attention graphically:
  1.Counting 1948 years BC you land on Abraham’s birth-date, sure it can
  be pure coincidence but is there a significance is profound and can it
  be related to our day?
  2.IF so, Israel’s re-birth in1948 could hold the key to the Beginning
  of Daniel’s last Week; would the 70-year time of completing
  ‘suffering’ be fulfilled in our generation?
  3.There were about a 50 years overlap when Noah was alive & most
  likely knew of Abraham’s calling. Interesting that Christ warned that
  the days preceding his Return would be as ‘In the Days of Noah’…..
  4.IF you interject the numerical factors of 483 and 70 from the 1948
  BC benchmark year from Abraham’s major life events, you end up with 2011!
  5.It is a numerical factor year also in that from 1948 AD +70 years of
  extend of what Jews accept as the time to complete ’suffering’ is also
  6.The Bondage in Egypt foretold by God to Abraham lasted 480 years &
  it so happens to be the year-count Daniel gave for the coming of
  Messiah to Jerusalem.
  7.If the types of what God did are the same (sacrificing of Son),
  Abraham also brought the Bride to Isaac! Will now the LORD ‘fetch’ The
  Bride for His Son at the end of the 63rd year—the year that the Temple
  was finished!?
  As the Father is to present a Bride to Christ, so too Abraham sought a
  Bride for Isaac. As Rebecca was taken out of her land, then the ‘Year’
  of that Presentation to the ‘son’ could be tied to the 1948 Benchmark
  year. Abraham’s birth then does foreshadow the re-birth of Israel in
  so doing put the “Blessed Hope’ or Rapture in queue. The Presentation
  of the Bride to Christ (Rapture) could likely then take place within
  the 70-Year generation of ‘suffering’ of Israel to be completed by 2018.
  So IF Abraham birth does correlate to Modern Israel’s birth, & the
  Presentation of the Bride to the Son mutually –then from AD 63 when
  the Temple was completed; the completion of the 63rd Anniversary in
  2011 of Israel’s re-birth since 1948 might shadow then the completion
  of God’s ‘Spiritual’ Temple, the Bride of Christ this year!...the one
  Abraham was looking forward to by Faith as he prepared a bride for his
  son; that City, the New Jerusalem that John in the book of Revelation
  saw coming down as a Bride ready for her Groom? Christians now as did
  Abraham are too looking forward to the New Jerusalem, with
  foundations, whose Architect & Builder is GOD. We shall see.
  Luis B. Vega