K.S. Rajan (31 Aug 2011)
"On Dangerous Ground--WND"

Among the many inconvenient truths uncovered by Dr. Brown are observations on the maxim that gays are "born that way":

The scientific argument for a biological basis for sexual orientation remains weak. The political argument that it will bolster gay pride or prevent homophobic bigotry runs counter to experience. The lesbian, gay, and bisexual community does not need to have its “deviance” tolerated because its members were born “that way” and “cannot help it.” Rather, society must recognize the validity of lesbian and gay lifestyles. We need an end to discrimination, an acceptance of all human beings, and a celebration of diversity, whatever its origins.
- Council for Genetic Research

No one is born gay. The idea is ridiculous.
- Lesbian author Camille Paglia, "Vamps and Tramps"

Dr. Brown blows the lid off the carefully scripted effort to redefine free speech as hate speech.

In today's accepted parlance:

"Hate" means: "To hold to Judeo-Christian principles and values; to stand for biblical morality; and to take issue with homosexual practice."

The pro-alternate lifestyle tactic is to "make the person with whom you differ into a small-minded, mean-spirited bigot. The playing field becomes unequal, and you ideological opponent becomes a monster whose ideas are unworthy of serious discussion...

"Things have shifted so dramatically - they have literally been turned upside down - that it now appears that no matter what you say and no matter how carefully and graciously you say it, if you dare to differ with the GLBT agenda, if you believe that it is immoral for a man to have sex with another man, if you do not support same-sex marruage, then you are an extremist, a bigot, a Nazi and a jihadist."

In extensive detail, "A Queer Thing Happened To America" shows you how nearly all of the actual "hate speech" is coming from those who perpetually "push the hate button" - namely, the gay and lesbian community.

In fact, if you want to find out who is really following the rhetorical lead of the infamous Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, read from page 70 forward.

Hint: It's not conservatives.

Another revealing nugget:

You know how we always hear about the famous gays from history - the scientists, philosophers, artists?

What most don't realize is how many of of these world-changers are claimed both by the gay-lesbian-transgender community - as well as by NAMBLA!

Here is an overview of topics covered in "A Queer Thing Happened To America"
  • The supposedly nonexistent “gay agenda”
  • Jewish Hitlers, Christian jihadists, and the magical effects of pushing the “hate” button
  • Boys will be girls will be boys: undoing gender and teaching “gay is good” in our children’s schools
  • Something queer on our campuses: from traditional academics and the arts to GLBTQ and “ze”
  • Brokeback Mountain, the fab five, and Hollywood’s celebration of queer
  • Is gay the new black? Analyzing the argument that “I was born that way”
  • Speaking about the unspeakable: pro-pedophilia parallels to pro-gay arguments
  • Diversity or perversity? Corporate America’s embrace of gay pride at its worst
  • Lavender language, gender speak, and queer semantics: toward an omnisexual society?
  • Queer theology, a gay/lesbian bible, and a homoerotic Christ
  • It’s not about sex? The attempt to separate behavior from identity
  • The ex-gay movement: fact or fiction?
  • Stifling of scientific debate
  • Big brother is watching, and he really is gay
  • GLBT and beyond: reflections on our current trajectory